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How Do I Prevent Slipping

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  • How Do I Prevent Slipping

    I have to take my Dane to the vets tomorrow and they have terribly slippery floors. I was told to put Orange Crush on his feet and that will stop him from slipping. Does anyone know if it actually works or do you have any other suggestions. Does the Orange Crush need to go flat first, how long before? Any help greatly appreciated. Also posted this in the showing discussion, as it was a pet store that told me that the Orange Crush was what show people used.

    Kathy and Houston

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    RE: How Do I Prevent Slipping

    I've successfully used Coca Cola. Didn't let it go flat -- just put it on straight from my own Coke can!

    Show folks down here seem to prefer the Coca Cola brand. I'm such a Coke fiend that folks at dog shows just come up to me and ask "Where's your Coke? The ring's slippery!"

    Some people boil it down on the stove about 40-50 percent to increase the stickiness, then let it cool to room temperature before applying.

    Either way, it's very messy to put on. I had the best luck with those flat cosmetic sponges about half the size of your palm.

    The larger pet supply catlogs sell a spray-on product. I've not used it, but other exhibitors say it makes the paws waxy. Since you're only going to be in the office a short while and can wipe it off, this may not be a drawback.


    Edited to add: Don't put it on too far in advance. Just enough time for it to dry and not leave paw prints. Twenty minutes?


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      RE: How Do I Prevent Slipping

      HI there,

      sugar water works too.
      Other than that: There are products on the market like "Tacky Paws" (spray) or "Paw Wax" (paste) that work quite well.

      Good luck!


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        RE: How Do I Prevent Slipping

        I use paw wax which you can get at PetSmart. Keeps my boys from falling down on my hardwood floors after wash day.


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          RE: How Do I Prevent Slipping

          If you use the sodas, just make sure it's not sugar, no sticking.

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