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    RE: Male vs Female

    >Oh my gosh is that a beautiful dane (well, they all
    >are...but wow!). Now how come we haven't seen her before or
    >did I just miss her?? Seems she'd be hard to miss..and what
    >a beautiful photo!!

    Thank you! The reason you have never seen her is b/c I could never figure out how to post a pic in my sig until now. I have a link at the bottom of my sig that has more pics of her and my others. Your Dane is gorgeous!! He looks like a very strapping young man

    To the original poster: I guess I missed I missed that you said you had 2 females now that were bitching with each other. Adding another female could cause problems so I would go with a male.
    Angie, proud mama to 1 Great Dane, Mira and 3 mixes, 1 cat, 3 snakes and fish...also mama to 3 y/o identical twin girls


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      RE: Male vs Female

      Well Wahoo! Glad you figured it out. We've been 'missing' out all this time! I went to look at your photo album too and I LOVE all the shots you have with the sun in the background... those could be calendar photos for sure! I just LOVE Mira's expression...that alert gorgeous face just 'grabs' ya! Gives that impression of 'nobility'...that 'look' is just stunning.

      And yup, Andre sure is the 'strapping young man'...well, he sure thinks he is! :*

      You sure have your hands full... I wanna get a second but not quite ready yet...

      Andre 1/23/2002 - 12/27/2009: I loved you all your life...and I shall miss you for the rest of mine.



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        RE: Male vs Female

        I agree with the others male is the way to go. Two females can be bad (mine got into fights all the time, so sadly we had to give one up) but three is awful. Sometimes it can work, but generally it's a bad idea. I think a male Dane would be best.