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  • Cold Dog?


    Winter is coming on in Northern Ontario. I like to conserve heat by keeping the house cool during the day and while I'm sleeping. My question is...what temperature will be satisfactory to conserve energy, but also keep my dane comfortable?

    Any thoughts?

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    RE: Cold Dog?

    I'm in Northern Ontario as well. As far as heat, if you need a blanket to keep warm, its to cold for your dane. I usually leave my heat at 21C. They aren't good with extreme hot/cold temps. Also heat rises, so even if your dane is on his own bed on the floor, he is going to be a lot colder then u up on your bed.


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      RE: Cold Dog?

      We like it COLD at night - Parker sleeps with me, under the covers! He stays nice and toasty that way. And it doesn't run up my heat bill.


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        RE: Cold Dog?

        I am in Northern Ontario too. My guy always finds a nice warm place to sleep regardless of the house temp--usually on the couch. If it gets really cool, he'll pull one of the couch blankets on him or sleep right in front of the vent.


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          RE: Cold Dog?

          Often looking at your dog you can see if they are warm or not by the position they are in.
          If they are stretched out the temperature is usually pretty good
          whereas if they are tightly curled up in a ball they may be cold.
          (yeah sometimes dogs ball up too if they are real tired or don't feel good)

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            RE: Cold Dog?

            I think it depends on the dog. We live in Central New York, and one of my danes gets cold very easily, and will shiver, while I am pretty sure the others are comfortable. I usually cover Daphne up with a blanket in the winter while she is on her dog bed.

            I know what you mean about conserving energy though. We keep our thermostat at around 60F in the winter, but have a woodstove that burns continuously. And they say prices are going to be worse this winter for gas, so I am even more determined to keep filling the woodbox!


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              RE: Cold Dog?

              Hi Mark

              I noticed that you are from North Bay.We are practically neighbours! I live in Warren/St.Charles area, which is between Sudbury and North Bay. It would be really fun to get our danes together sometime. I know that there is another woman here on DOL from North Bay as well. We should all set up a play date in the future! PM me if you are interested!

              As far as keeping your danes warm, ours seem to climatize to the cold as the weather turns, but they tend to try to snuggle up by the fireplace whenever they can. We also have lots of blankets around for them to snuggle in. We usually keep the thermostat at around 16-17 and they have been fine. I think if they get used to a cooler climate as their winter coat starts to come in, it comes in denser and they stay warmer as a result.

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                RE: Cold Dog?

                Both of the males that I have had have gotten chilled fairly easily. Not true for my girl. If Oakley is stretched out at the end of the bed and his ears are warm, I know he is comfortable. When he makes his way between his people in the middle of the night, I know he is getting cold and that is when I cover him with a lightweight blanket.

                We keep our house temp at about 65 degrees (18.3c) overnight.

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