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  • "Pet" Nicknames

    Okay, just because I'm curious ... what pet names (no pun intended) do you have for your dane, or any other animals in your household?
    Ours are:

    Great Dane Diesel - "Dies", "Big Boy", & "Big D"

    Labrador Abigail - "Abby", "HappyTail"

    Cat Pandora - "Dory" "Momma Kitty" (not sure why we started this as she is a spayed kitten and was NEVER a momma!)

    Our lab got her "HappyTail" nick from the fact that she constantly wags her tail (and I do mean constantly... the only time it's still is when she's sleeping!).

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    RE: "Pet" Nicknames

    Giddy is "Iddy biddy giddy"
    Mazie is "Crazy Mazie"
    Ripley is "Ripples"

    (whom my father refers to as "Insane for having so many dogs")
    Giddy, Ripley, Crazy Mazie and Captain Morgan


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      RE: "Pet" Nicknames

      Otis is:

      Oats Mon
      Oatie Spadotie
      Baby Boy
      Handsome Boy

      And soooo many others...and for my cats, there are too many to choose from!
      Sport the lover is Spooty Luv, Spoots, Spoo, Fat Man.
      Muddy is Ms. Mud, Muddinka (the Russian Spy Kitty), Muddy Moo, Stinka Dinka, Stinkers.
      Tempest is Poopie, Pooster and Booster Kitty.


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        RE: "Pet" Nicknames

        Baron: Baby, Babyface, Ugly Duck (The ugly Duckling in reverse) , Loud Mouth

        Eagle: Pie, Eagle-Pie, White Bird, Pie-Guy, (hubby recently has started calling him Papaya)

        Luca: Lou, Luca-Doo, Luca-Duca-Doo, Lu-Du, Elf

        Nikoma (akita): Niko, Nikomas, Fluffy buns, The Fluffster

        Phoenix: Fee, Blackbird, Fee-Fee, Lady Fee, Roo Girl

        Roku: Mr Woo, The Woo Man, Dad

        Star: Star-shine, Momma Cow, Daddy's lil Princess

        Tember (manx cat): Temper, Temberoni, Tembee, (hubby calls her Spider),Stubs

        Dante' (cat): Dante' Eskey, Sexy kitty, The Grey Ghost

        Pryde (cat): no real nickname but called neurotic frequently.
        Rachel C. of Sixstar Danes
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          RE: "Pet" Nicknames

          Maximus is Maximus Desimus (when he's committed a no-no) ;-) , BooBoo, Pooky, Maxi-moosie! (usually said after he has passed gas) , and Cletus (as in "C'mon, Cletus!") :7

          Romeo (cat) is Romes, Romie, Fatty, and Buddha


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            LOL!! Too funny.

            I love Oatie Spadotie and Fluffy Buns!!


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              RE: "Pet" Nicknames

              Emma: Doody (Rudy Tooty Poopy Doody), BooBoo, Babygirl, Emmagirl, Slobbermonkey

              Cooper (Cardi): Coop-a-loop (think shoop-a-doop), Super Duper Cooper Trooper, Li'l Dude, "yoooouuuu" (when he's naughty) :-)

              Whiskey (cat): The Dooner, Leetle Won (little one), Beyst Won, Neenaw (many variations in "our" language of *little best kitten*) :+


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                There are so many nicknames I will just pick the most interesting or my favs:

                Rudy - Dude, Husky Butt, Fluffball, Rudy Patootie, Master Rudy (when we are deivering dinner or a treat to him in bed)
                Bailey - Dude, Bailey Girl, Baby Girl, Bay, Miss Bailey (when we are serving the Queen)

                Rocky - Rocky Acaboobaday Bubba, which became Rocky Ah-Can-Poop-All-Day
                D.J. - Deej-A-Dork, Whiner, Slinky-dude

                It is pretty interesting to see what people come up.

                I know all of these made sense when we came up with them, but now I can't remember the context and wonder what I was thinking?


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                  Hobbes: Hobbie hot stuff, handsome, toonie, monkey, and H.


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                    Thanks for the laughs everyone. I had to share with some co-workers!

                    Megan is: Peanut, Sweet Pea, Baby Girl
                    Bella is: "B", B-Bear, Eeyore (from winnie the pooh)


                    Jinx: pain in the a**, the PEST
                    Miquel: sh*tty kittie (she forgot where the litter box was for a little while), b*tchy kittie (she has some serious attitude)


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                      Maguire~ MaaaGee, Guire

                      Arnold~ Nunie Punie, Arnuniee, NuNuz, PunePunie

                      Jasmine(cat)~ Min, MaMazGirl, Maazie, FattyMaMaz, RollerPollerMaMa

                      Gilbert(cat)~ Ninnie, Nin, Fat Cat, Fatty Gilbert, when he is in his grumpy mood and trying to bite the other cats that hang out nextdoor with him.. we call him.. "crabby fatty $hit@ss " thanks to my neighbor for that wonderful name EVERYONE loves to call him, now that he is 12 he is known more and more for that name!


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                        Keely, you reminded me of another-when Otis has broken wind, we call him the Stinky Bottom Boy (anyone seen 'O Brother Where Art Thou' with the Saggy Bottom Boys?). Oh, and also, Otissius Hambuono (one of his middle names is Hambone). My sister, who takes care of him during the day while we're at work, probably has a million of her own.

                        Also, Muddy is called "The Brown Streak" (she's a mostly brown tortie) when she zooms by for no apparent reason. Sport is also called Troubel, ie "Uh oh, here comes Trouble". He's a one-cat wrecking crew.

                        I'm sure I'll think of a million others....
                        (Yep, just did and had to edit. Sheesh.)


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                          Tica is Tica-butt (when she is a butt head), and Poopy (that was the first thing she did on the carpet when we brought her home as a baby), and Poopy Head (also when she is a butt head).

                          Zoe, our 7 month old is ZoZo or "Little" puppy(90 lbs LOL), or Pipsqueak, and Alligator (when she trying to puppy bite us instead of kiss us). She does not have any butt head nicknames yet, but I am sure she will soon!


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                            Another Poopy! I love it!


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                              >Maguire~ MaaaGee, Guire
                              >Arnold~ Nunie Punie, Arnuniee, NuNuz, PunePunie
                              >Jasmine(cat)~ Min, MaMazGirl, Maazie, FattyMaMaz,
                              >Gilbert(cat)~ Ninnie, Nin, Fat Cat, Fatty Gilbert, when he
                              >is in his grumpy mood and trying to bite the other cats that
                              >hang out nextdoor with him.. we call him.. "crabby fatty
                              >$hit@ss " thanks to my neighbor for that wonderful name
                              >EVERYONE loves to call him, now that he is 12 he is known
                              >more and more for that name!

                              Oh my god, I love Crabby Fatty Sh*tass!