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  • Moving to Germany...

    I was suppose to be moving to Germany in 15 months but found out today that I'm moving there in about 1.5 months! I'm at a loss as to what I need to do to get Rocky ready for the move. One of the biggest things is the crate. Would a XL Varri Kennel be big enough? The measurements are 27" x 40" x 30"H. That seems to be the biggest I can find. Rocky is about 32" at the shoulders and weighs about 100#. I don't want to squish him but he seems to prefer small spaces. He will go into a smaller crate instead of the Dane sized crate. The military is moving us so he can fly with us as long as it isn't too hot in MD when we fly out. If it is then he will stay with my mom until it cools down and I can come back and get him. As far as shots and stuff I know what I need b/c the military provided me with some info but I've never moved that far with a dog before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Thank You!

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    RE: Moving to Germany...

    You will need to get the rabies/vaccination requirements for Germany, it's been a while since I have trasported a dog there so the info that I have I'm sure is out dated. If your dog meets all expectation in regards to shots then the only other thing you should need is a health ertificate from your vet....again check the dates that the airline and Germany require as most need it to bee in a certain window. If the paperwork Germany sends you is confusing take it to your vet and have them let you know what you need.

    As for crates, my experience is that you want a pinch smaller then what you would normally before everyone gets their knickers in a knot, I'm not suggesting shouving a Dane into a lab crate, just don't go out and get a HUGE kennel. Sometimes the airlines can be 'rough' on a crate and your dog will be better protected in a small crate then a larger one where they get tossed around. Some airlines demand that your dog have 4" clearance from the top of their head...find this out before hand!

    The only other tip I have it that watch them load your dog into the plane (if he travels with you), I never get on a plane until I have seen them load the dogs into the plane. I do this because I have known them not to put the dog on the plane and you end up having a dog that goes to Hawaii while you go to Arizona!!

    Good luck,


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      RE: Moving to Germany...

      You need to contact USDA:APHIS:VS in your area they will have all the requirements and paperwork you need. Your vet should have their phone number. They may also require you to find out from your state animal board if there has been a rabies case in your area in the last 6 months.


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        RE: Moving to Germany...

        What base are you going to? If it is Ramstein you are very lucky! I loved it there. I didn't have dogs at the time so I can't help you out much with your questions, however, I do believe most airlines require a kennel (can't be all wire) that is big enough for your dog to fully stand up and turn around in. Good luck!



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          RE: Moving to Germany...

          I would highly recommend ice instead of water. You must have both food and water for the crate. If you can, use a tray with ice cubes and a small amount of water, and an exterior bottle of water, frozen beforehand, with a lixit type barrel through the wire. Do not freeze water in the water dish. Temperature difference at thaw might cause it to crack- even the metal ones.


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            RE: Moving to Germany...

            Dane crazy.

            Are your dog's ears cropped? They do not allow cropped ears in Germany any longer. When I say that I mean you cannot even bring in a dog with cropped ears. This was just an issue at the world dog show that no danes with cropped ears were allowed to show. I would look into this law in a hurry if you have cropped ears, or your dog's


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              RE: Moving to Germany...

              We flew our dane to Chicago from Hawaii in May. The airline was very picky on the crate size. They want your dog to be able to sit down and still clear the top of the crate and also stand and not have the dog have to lean his head down in order to clear the top. We ended up making his crate.

              Basically, six pieces of 3/8 to 1/2 plywood put together like a cube and 2x4s. We ordered a replacement door for the varikennel to use as his door, as the USDA requires a metal door on the crate. If you need more indepth directions, just email me.

              Call around for pricing. American offers half off for military. I know you want him to fly with you, too. Hopefully, you will find out what airline you are flying. We are military, too, and are soon PCSing and just found out who our airline is. We are sending our Afghan ahead of us to Chicago, even though we are flying in to California to pick up our cars.

              Good luck!!



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                RE: Moving to Germany...

                We are military living in Maryland also. If you need anyhelp with anything, (place for him, help with moving ext, please email me and I can see what I can do. We live at the Naval station in annapolis if that helps any.

                Good luck



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                  RE: Moving to Germany...

                  Ok I tried to respond before and my computer didn't like it so I'll try again.

                  I found a larger crate. It is 48" x 32" x 35"H. I think that sounds much better than the smaller one. I'm just waiting to find out the airlines requirements before I go and buy anything.

                  Michele: thanks for the advice about watching them load him on the plane. I will have to remember that.

                  Marie: he is due for his shots so I'm going to ask for that phone number while I'm there.

                  Michelle: we are going to Spang. We are excited b/c we went there on vacation 3 years ago and fell in love with it. We also have 3 friends there too so it will be fun.

                  briggadane: thanks for the suggestion of ice. I am going to keep that in mind. Also about the bottle thing.

                  Bilbao: his ears are not cropped so I don't have to worry about that. I would be very upset if I couldn't bring him b/c his ears are cropped. Especially since he is a rescue and I had no control over what the previous owners did. Luckily I don't have to deal with that. I'm still going to check into that just b/c I'm now curious.

                  Aimee: we are driving to MD to catch the military flight and drop our Jeep off at the jeepsitters. Hubby is suppose to be checking on the requirements for the cage. I'll let you know if I need those indepth directions.

                  Nikole: thanks for the offer. My mom lives in VA and will be watching him if we can't fly him out but should anything come up I'll contact you.

                  As it stands right now if we do leave in Aug then he won't be flying out with us b/c the ground temps can't be higher than 85 and I'm pretty sure that MD gets pretty hot during Aug. Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions and I'll take anymore that anyone thinks of.



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                    RE: Moving to Germany...

                    How cool that you're going to Spangdahlem!! That's where we want to get stationed next. I'll have to look into the ear crop thing though because Bishop has his done and nowhere on the web page does it mention that.

                    You don't need to worry about the USDA seal if you get your health cert. from your base vet. It also has to be done within 10 days of your departure.

                    Good luck, feel free to e-mail with any questions...went through all the hoops shipping here to Japan.

                    The new crate you bought that's 35" tall is what we have for Queen, Bishop will need a crate built by the airline to get him out of here...he's 37 1/2" at the shoulder.


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                      RE: Moving to Germany...

                      I believe the rule is you "cannot" crop a dog in Germany. You can certainly bring a dog that's already cropped into the country. Be ready for people to look at you though, since it's frowned apon. I lived there from 92-97. I bought my dog in Germany, so I only know of the rules flying out (health certificate and a plastic vari-kennel WITH HOLES, not the old kind with only a wire front). It has to be large enough for the animal to stand up and turn around. Check with the airline. They'll tell you how much and their rules. As far as the weather being hot in MD in 1.5 will be the hottest part of the summer. You are flying out of DC? That's good, there won't be any lay overs, you'll go straight to Ramstein and be able to pick him/her up when you get off the plane. Also, billeting allows you to have your dog in the room. So you should be okay when you get there to. Does your husband have a direct assignment, where to? Do you have concurrent orders, and able to travel with him?

                      Good luck!


                      ~ Dina & Cooper

                      Here's the "little" guy!


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                        RE: Moving to Germany...

                        Another Update:

                        Rocky has all of his shots. We still need his health certificate but will get that before we leave since it has to be within 10 days. At Spang you can't have your pet in TLF with you. The vet there has a kennel at $15 a day. It sure is going to be expensive. We got the Giant Kennel which is 35" tall and he is getting use to it. He doesn't care for the fact that he can't see out all around but he is getting better. He can stand up, turn around, and lay down in it. He will be flying out with hubby and I'll follow along a couple days after with our daughter. Since it was short notice they couldn't get us all on the same plane b/c of the weight. We fly out at night so the ground temps won't be as high and the airline said everything would be ok. I am glad to know that you can bring cropped dogs in since I'd be very upset if they wouldn't let my dog come. DH checked into it and found out also that you can bring them in but be prepared to get funny looks. Since Rocky's ears are natural I won't have to worry about it.
                        WOW Bishop is a big boy! I'm glad I didn't have to build a crate for Rocky. Good luck on getting to Germany and if you get there in the next 4 years let me know.


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                          RE: Moving to Germany...

                          Good to hear y'all have got everything taken care of!

                          I'll definitely let you know if we get stationed there! We leave here Jan. 2005 and are hoping for Spang., Buechel, or Kalkar for Germany which are all right near each other, Moron Spain or Aviano Italy....of course Hawaii would be good too!:+


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                            RE: Moving to Germany...

                            We are hoping for Aviano after Germany. We want to stay overseas as long as we can. Unless they try to send us to Japan. Iceland was a good tour but no big dogs allowed. We had to give up our last Danes and said that would NEVER happen again!
                            LOL Hawaii would be good for a vacation but many have told me it isn't a great place to be stationed.
                            Good luck and I'm hoping to set up a Dane playdate in Germany!


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                              RE: Moving to Germany...

                              Your health certificate can't be older than 12 months and any newer than 1 month. The depth of the kennel has to be 52 inches. The dog must be able to stand up and turn around. Also it is a good idea not to feed them before the flight as some of them can get sick. I always put shredded news paper in the bottom of the kennel and a t-shirt that I have worn to bed for a couple of nights to keep them company durning the flight. The last time we went to Germany I went to collect my baby and his kennel was on it's top!

                              The vet on post can tell you everything you need to know. Also one more thing. I have never given my dogs any type of meds before the flight, it is my belief that they can deal with everything a lot better without that effect.
                              Titan and Crystal's Mom