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  • Personality traits by color

    I would love to hear anyone's thoughts about the idea that there is a tendency for the different dane colors to be linked to personality traits. I thought I saw an article describing this (maybe somewhere at this site?? I don't recall) but I can't seem to relocate it.

    Also, thanks for your kind welcome! I see I'm not alone. Thanks to all you out there who have such wonderful experience with this breed and are willing to share it. - Shelly

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    RE: Personality traits by color

    This is a pretty common topic & comes up about every three months or so on Boards. There is no association of color with personality at all genetically, although this is commonly said it seems often romantically held that certain colors are linked to certain traits of temperament. The other common question/connection is are males one way & b*8tches different in temperament. Again, it is more of a "line" thing than a difference by sex.

    Actually *WHY* there seems to be some truth to these ideas (esp. to newcomers) is that *bloodlines* DO share personality traits, &, so, when you know just a few bloodlines, (which is typical for a specific region often, as it is typical if you haven't owned or been around but a few danes), you tend to think there is a direct link from color (or sex) to temperament, but the direct link is thru the breeder's interpretation of the standard & what they view as the correct and the allowable range of temperament.

    So people "skip" the genetics step & forget the breeder is stamping on temperament by their choices in breeding & go direct from the spots to the brain when making claims (usually negative ones about harls, BTW). Temperament *IS* largely heritable--at least 50% of WYSIWYG in a teeny tiny pup (if you know how to interpret the behaviours). You can 'slide' a dog to the right or left of it's inborn temperament, so to speak, with training (i.e. make a shyish dog more outgoing with proper socialization), but you cannot change their basic personality & breeders will tell you "their" dogs always tend to be a certain way. More & more research points to *very* early socialization as very important in temperament development--much of it before you even buy the dog, BTW.
    A word of advice about Danes & temperament?
    Don't say you want "good" temperament--describe what that is to you: happy-go-lucky? laid-back? sweetly tolerant? a good protector?--if you don't your & some breeder's idea of what is "good" could be poles apart.......
    good luck with your puppy search!
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      RE: Personality traits by color

      Dr Lloyd Ackermans book on Great Danes, gives different tendencies (per say personalities) by color. Many people disagree with his opinions, but take it with a grain of salt. Is there some ryhme or reason to his writings, maybe??? But actually has more to do with the dogs pedigree.

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