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Help thinking through whether to get another dane

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  • Help thinking through whether to get another dane

    Hi all,

    I recently lost my Great Dane, who meant the world to me, and have decided to move forward with a new dog. I wonder if people have thoughts about whether a similar personality can be found on a smaller breed. I love this breed, but I didnít select it for its size originally, and obviously some things would be easier with a smaller dog. All my research seems to say thereís really nothing that comes close, but I wonder what people here have to say.

    A second question: my dog was a blue, from what seemed like a reputable breeder with pedigreed parents and AFO records. She still died suddenly of a spinal issue at age 4. I've heard since then that Blues, being colored by a recessive trait, are at higher risk for health problems. I wonder if anyone has feedback about the "healthier" colors. I understand, for example, that with Harlequins, breeding "spots to spots" is a problem, but I wonder if Blues are always at more risk? My blue was bred between a blue and a black.

    thank you in advance!

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    Blues are really no more prone to health issues than any other color. When looking for a breeder you need a breeder that does health testing, not just simple vet exams , on parents before breeding, that breed to breed standard, that breed for conformation, temperament, health, longevity, that stand behind their pups for the entire lifetime. They need to have done OFA or PennHip on hips, OFA heart, thyroid & eyes and have proof of them being done. Having registration papers means nothing.. they areo nly worth as much as their breeder.
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      Super late reply, buuuuut I'm here now so.

      The blue thing is something rooted in truth but taken out of context. As a dilute color, there is the risk of CDA (coat dilution alopecia) but it's a) not a guarantee and b) unlikely to appear in a line that's been well maintained. There are no other blue-Dane-specific health issues you would need to worry about. Anything else can happen in any Dane color line.

      As for a smaller breed that is somewhat like a Dane, I've been told Poodles fit the bill relatively nicely. The require more grooming of course, and they will in general be more intelligent (likely to need more mental stimulation games / work than a Dane) but they're also very loving, handler focused, and goofy. I've actually looked into getting a Standard one day myself. I'm partial to the Phantoms and I follow a couple breeders with some very nice dogs. If a Standard isn't your ideal size (they're actually pretty tall, just don't weigh as much) then you've got two other size variations to pick from.
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