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Pink Scars on puppy's nose will it ever turn black again?

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  • Pink Scars on puppy's nose will it ever turn black again?

    My senior dog bit my dane puppy on the nose. Luckily, it didn't get infected and has healed up nicely but there are pink dots on his beautiful nose. What are the chances it will turn black again? He is almost 5 months old the incident happened two weeks ago. I had the vet check it out, she's not sure if it will come back black, just looking for some real dane experiences with a scarred nose. Thanks!
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    There is a good chance it may not come back black it depends on many factors...color of dog, how dark pigment was, how deep the wound was, etc..
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      Our Pit mix puppy was bit on the nose by a Yorkie I don't recall how long it took but her nose is totally black. I recall there were 3 or 4 pink stripes right down her nose. I was afraid it would stay that way as well, but it didn't. Let us know how yours goes.

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        What a cutie! Well im hopeful, after seeing your dog's pics, the nose is still have pink dots but at least its smooth as the rest of the nose, I will update if his nose turns blue/black again.


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          His nose turned dark again!!! Yeah