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Juvenile cellulitis that won’t resolve

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  • Juvenile cellulitis that won’t resolve

    So our 15 mo old blue Dane has had juvenile cellulitis since she was about 7 weeks old. We took her from the Breeder with a promise it resolves in 2 weeks with a round of prednisone (and the literature suggests this as well). The Breeder also mislead us about her condition and after a long drive in terrible weather and we just brought her home.
    After several failed attempts of tapering prednisone, and then several attempts of tapering dexamethasone (both steroids with and without antibiotics) she is now “stabilized” without symptoms on 50 mg of cyclosporine per day. When we try to taper to 25 mg every other day, papules start to appear and she loses her appetite etc. She’s also had an inguinal hernia surgery, and has entropian that requires a surgery as well. She’s a very expensive little lemon but there’s no way we could give her up. Despite her problems Bowie is a happy playful affectionate pup. We just want to be able to vaccinate her fully and get her fixed before her next heat without worrying about a surgery exacerbating her condition.
    Just wanted to know if anyone has come accross something kike this and if there’s any solution out there!! Help!
    ive put a few past and present pictures up to see if it helps identify what’s going on.

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    Have you sought a second opinion from a specialist? If not you should. I also would not worry much about all the vaccinations where she already has a compromised immune system.Giving her a lot of vaccines would likely compromise her system even more.
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