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Nine week old dane boy is under 4lbs

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  • Nine week old dane boy is under 4lbs

    We just got our dane puppy and he is happy and healthy as far as the vet says. He is so tiny though! I asked the breeder and they said all of this litter was pretty small but it is not a big deal. Thoughts? Has anyone else had such a little pup?

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    I would doubt seriously that it is a purebred Dane at that weight either that he is only 3 weeks old.. A 3 week old is 4-7 pounds.. A purebred Dane pup of that age would be at least 15 pounds They are usually 15 -30 pounds by 8 weeks and 25 -45 by the time they are 10 -12 weeks of age.. I am guessing you got taken by a less then honest irresponsible breeder
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      the pup can't possibly be a pure bred dane unless, as said above, he is only a few weeks old. looks very much like you got very badly scammed.

      unless, of course, there's a typo in your subject line. you do mean FOUR pounds, right?


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        If this forum wasn't such garbage and people could actually post pictures, it would be easier to tell how old he is. But this forum IS garbage and won't fix anything. Also, thank you to Kahlua and Charlene for sticking it out here. I see you are the only people mostly responding to any thread.
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          i'm right there with ya! i don't know why they can't fix the picture issue. it really sucks to come here and not be able to offer REAL HELP!!


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            Iím actually in the same boat.

            BYB, got our boy at 6 weeks, 4.03lbs.

            Tested positive for Giardia middle of week 7, 4.56lbs.
            Weighed 5.25 yestersay.

            Has always been happy and playful.


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              I would also love more info.I am new here. I rescued a pup from a BYB. My pup was born Oct 3rd, I got him at 8 weeks and when I took him to the vet he was only 7.5lbs. the mom and dad in pics look severely malnourished and clearly full of worms. My pup was full of worms and malnourished. I took him to the vet right away and got him de-wormed and puppy shots.He gained a half pound over night. He has filed out in a week, so I know he is getting better. I will take him back to weigh in this week. I just hope he gets bigger. The vet said time will tell with his sizing.


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                wanderer, please don't take this wrong and since DOL is an educational forum, i am gonna say this and it will sound did NOT rescue this puppy unless he was given to you and NO money changed hands. if you paid anything at all for him, what you did was put money in the pocket of a crappy breeder which enables them to go ahead and do it all over again. i can't even imagine what that poor mother dog is going through, she is nothing but a puppy factory for these people. each time she is bred and has 4, 8, 12 or more puppies, this breeder will make money off of them and just turn around and do it yet again.

                did you actually see at least the mother of these puppies or did you only see pictures? if your puppy was that tiny, either he is not a dane or he is much, much younger than the breeder claims.

                if your puppy was as bad as you describe, he should not have had ANY vaccinations. those should wait until he is healthy and stronger. vaccinating a sick puppy may only make matters worse, much worse. i am shocked that a vet would do this. you may wish to do some research and see if you can find a vet who is knowledgeable in the care of giant breeds.

                he's (hopefully) a growing puppy so he will get bigger but if he isn't a dane or even if he is a dane mix, he may not get as big as you hope he will. there are even purebred danes that stay small. it's all genetics. you cannot feed, feed, feed a puppy in hopes it will get to be a huge dog. it will get as big as his genetics allow.

                i'm sorry to burst your bubble, i just wish you had done a lot more research and found a reputable breeder. don't let my response keep you from coming back. we really are here to help and advise you so update us on your puppy when you can. hoping for the best for you and him!