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IS my Great Dane small for his age?

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  • IS my Great Dane small for his age?

    I just got my Great Dane about 4 days ago and he is 15 months. He weights 30 pounds, I tried looking it up and it all says he should be weighing more... help? Or opinions ?

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    Hes tiny


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      Hi there!
      I agree with martycurt about your Dane being tiny. I want to get myself one soon and have seen some Dane's of around months who weighted double. I would say a 15-month-old dog is categorized as an adult and should be around at least 100lbs. Why don't you check with your vet, 30lbs sound way too tiny for his/her age!


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        30 pounds at 15 months???? That is more than tiny....are you sure he is a full Dane?
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          Do you mean 15 weeks? If he's 15 weeks, 30 lbs is on the small side but not terribly so. If he's actually 15 months, then I am sorry to say that he has to be a mixed breed.


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            Woah... If he is really 15 months and 30 pounds, he isn't a dane. My dane was 30 pounds at 10 weeks old. If he is 15 WEEKS and 30 pounds, I would say he was very tiny for his age. I would discuss your concerns with your vet. It's hard to use #'s with a dane and really the body condition needs to be seen to decide if the dog is at the right weight. Are you sure it's a full dane?