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Is he still growing at 3 years old

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  • Is he still growing at 3 years old

    I am wondering when Great Danes stop growing? I have a 3 year old boy that is 37 inches and 178 pounds and I'm sure he is still growing. Along with this he seems to be going through a second puppy stage. We re-homed him from a lady that could't look after him so I don't know too much about him as a puppy.

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    usually about age two for height and finish filling in around age three, but Ive definitely heard of danes gaining height between 2-3. They are all a little different. You have a big boy! Thank you taking him, I hope you are enjoying him. Maybe he's giving you some puppy attitude since you missed out on that part... lol
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      He is my gorgeous boy and I love everything, especially the cuddles in bed in the morning. His puppy stage is adorable and I love his antics when he sees his food bowl.


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        My current girl grew in height until just past her 3 yr birthday and filled out between 3 &4.. My boy stopped growing in height at 12 months and was filled out by the time he was 2.. How they grow and fill out depends on bloodlines.
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