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is my boy's weight off?

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  • is my boy's weight off?

    my boy zeke is 14.5 months old and is 118.4 lbs.he's weighed 118 for 2 months.he eats 4 cups of fromm lg breed puppy a day,if I feed him more he has the y'all think he's a healthy weight and does he look full blooded?we have akc papers on him but I know that doesn't mean much.
    zeke's dad

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    zeke's dad


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      weight is nothing more than a number... body condition is what is important... he should be a nice healthy lean.. the last 2-3 ribs should just be visible and his spine and hips should not show at all. He should have a well defined waist.
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        118 isn't an abnormal weight at 14.5 months. He's out of rapid growth mode and will most likely gain weight slowly but not necessarily evenly. 2 months with no weight gain isn't really concerning. As Kahlua says go by body condition. Health wise providing he has good body condition, the thinner the better. Also even though Fromm says to keep him on the LB Puppy until 18 months, you might want to consider transitioning him to an adult food soon.