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Don't think this is working. He will only eat chicken.

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  • Don't think this is working. He will only eat chicken.

    Hi all.
    ((Long time lurker, first time poster))
    My boy Bruce is 18 months. About 6 months ago he started going off his Diamond kibble and eventually wouldn't eat it at all, no matter what tricks I tried. Switched to different brand & he would eat it at first and then would just rather starve. Tried grain free, tried fish flavor, didn't matter.
    So I used this as an opportunity to switch to raw.
    First off my local(within in 45 minute drive) butchers were not of much help. Nothing is less than 80c a pound, and most things are $1 a pound really. Even chicken necks and livers.

    We've been buying chicken at the grocery store for about 69c to 99c a pound and Bruce eats 3-4lbs a day but I'm worried because this is ALL he wants to eat. We butchered a cow earlier this year so I've tried organs and he will not eat them. Even if I grind up a liver with hamburger he turns his nose up at it. (he will eat hamburger-I often make satin balls for him because I'm trying to get weight on him because he would hardly eat for so long).
    Wouldn't eat the chicken livers(the one thing I can get for under $1 from the butcher
    He'll eat cottage cheese, but not yogurt.

    Hates green beans or rice but if I mix them with hot dogs AND bacon he'll consider it.

    Today I thawed some venison out, hoping and praying he'd like it because hunting season is coming up and this would save us SO MUCH money! Nope. Wouldn't even lick it.
    So I tried cooking it, didn't help.

    One of the reasons I was able to convince hubby to let me feed the dog actual meat was because it was supposed to be good value. That is turning out to not be true for us. Average of $3.25 a day x 30 a month works out about $97 a month This is double what we were paying for kibble(keeping in mind if he didn't eat it I'd throw it out to the cats each day so we were still going through it pretty quick).

    I'm at a loss as to what I should do. He looks great now! Filling out nicely(though I think he's at that stage anyway-finished getting tall, now working on filling out). His coat is nice and shiny(coconut oil helps a ton with this too). But he eats a lot of chicken quarters and legs(legs are 69c, quarters are 80c) We've had occasional white powdery poo but nothing too major. I'd like to reduce his bone intake but just can't see how?! Hubby will not let me throw out boneless chicken breasts to the dog, it'd cost $12 a day to fill him up!

    Like I said, I'm normally just a lurker here, but desperate times and all that....
    I'm glad he's finally eating a good amount, but he's like my teenager-only wants chicken every meal too. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I had to feed Fergus all his organs in a semi frozen state. Take them out of the freezer, thaw enough to slice hunks off and feed immediately. And that was for ANY organ- kidney, liver, testicles, pancreas, whatever. For any ground meats you're trying to feed him maybe try mixing in a bit of canned (or fresh if you can get it) green tripe. It smells like rotten ass, but dogs love it. I suppose you could try cutting up bigger cuts to mix in something like that too, at least until you see if it's going to work.

    If you don't cater to whatever he wants, how long will he go without food? Ferg was opposed to turkey, but by golly he was gonna eat it when I was finding it for $0.26 a pound, so I waited him out. I think after about 4 days he would finally cave and eat, but I didn't feed him a thing else. Put down food in the AM, give him 15 minutes, put it away, repeat at dinner, and daily until he ate it or went so long the meat would start to stink and I refused to keep it in my house. He WILL eat when he gets hungry enough.
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      I make a ground organ mix (yes, there's some soaked kibble in it, to stiffen it up a bit) and salmon oil, and stuff it into marrow bones and kongs, freeze it, and my dogs eat one of those a night. They love their nightly organ bone treat, and I make up batches to last several weeks at a time. Yes, I have a LOT of bones stored in my freezer lol

      It sounds like you're trying way too hard to get your dog to eat. Just put the meal down and leave it for 15, and pick it up and wait for the next meal time. This might go on for days, but your dog WILL EAT unless there's a medical reason, and if he gobbles chicken, there's no reason he can't eat other meats.

      Most dogs flip for venison. Maybe cube it or grind it. I haven't meet a dog that wouldn't eat raw tripe, but it's like feeding straight up cow poop--yuck. I don't do it anymore.

      My dogs really like pork hearts and I get it for $1.25 a pound. A little higher than what I'd like, but it's a great variety meat, and it's considered a red meat. Dog MUST have red meat or their diet isn't balanced.

      It's okay to feed ground beef and venison, and chicken for bone. I feed chicken quarters about twice a week, that's all the bone my crew needs now. Right now, I'm feeding mostly coarse ground beef, halved pork hearts, chicken quarters, and turkey when I can get it on sale. Plus their nightly frozen organ bones.
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        When I have issues with dogs not wanting to eat and there's nothing medically wrong with them, I use tough love. They eat what I offer or they don't eat. If you let them be picky and just give in all the time, then they're going to continue that behavior because they know it works. Going a few days without food will not hurt them - it's harder on us than it is on them!

        I also feed organs frozen. I think it's a texture thing, they're slimy. I pack a week's worth of organ in little plastic containers, take one put on Sunday, and just pop it out of the container into the bowl with a turkey neck or duck carcass or some thing bony. If you up the fat content of your meals, you can probably feed less than what you're currently feeding depending on the dog. I was feeding Asaah 4 lbs a day, but when when I started adding an appropriate amount of fat to her diet, she's down to more like 2.75-3 lbs a day. Where do you live? You may be able to find some cheaper options. I feed raw for about the same as a mid quality kibble or less depending on how much free stuff I get.
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          Green Tripe! My dogs would eat cardboard if it had green tripe on it - lol Throw a little on top of what your trying to get him to eat - I buy the BRB frozen instead of canned.
          When it comes to liver I throw it in the frying pan for a few minutes to firm it up a little and they gobble it up.