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  • Interested in making the switch

    Hey guys. I'm seriously considering making the switch from kibble to raw for Mia. She's always had wicked sensitive skin and I've tried a few different brands on her but nothing seems to really clear it up completely.

    Any advice for starting out? She's 106 lbs now and 11 months old. How much should I feed her each day and what should her daily diet consist of (example of a meal plan maybe?)

    Thank you for any and all advice!

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    I find this link to be helpful for a general how to switch, and I agree with most of the info there:

    There are also a lot of FB groups you can join. Just be careful, I've seen some good ones and some that are handing out downright scary info like its gospel. The only one I'm in anymore for dogs is called Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats, and I help admin (not so much lately, been super busy). But there's good info in the files and a meat resources by area document too.
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      Start out with one protein source. Most of us started with chicken. I'd try feeding 2lbs a day to start with. Increase the amount if she looks too thin. Feed only one meat source for a couple of weeks until you are sure she is digesting it properly and her stools are firm and small. After that still keep feeding chicken but add another protein source. Same thing with the new protein. Eventually you want to feed as wide of a variety of meat as you can find. You dog will love you for the change.


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        I really like this link:

        Here's a nice chart, too:

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