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  • pure coconut oil

    I am mostly heard about coconut oil that's very beneficial for lose weight. Is this really work? if it's true i am also want to use it in my food oil, thanks.

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    In our house coconut oil is like Frank's red hot: we put that sh*t on everything. I put it in Peach's food, on dry skin, chapped paws, split ears, itchy spots, hot spots, you name it. We own a vegan restaurant so we order it in 10 gallon buckets... so it's ALWAYS around. Peach is definitely one very shiny puppy, and it's great for keeping wounds moisturized moisturized soft while they heal. You can cook with it and use it topically the same way. It got a bad rap with the wave of "all fat and especially all saturated fat is bad" dogma, but it's now understood to be more complex than that, with different saturated fats having different component fatty acids. Lauric acid is prominent in coconut oil, and confers most of the benefits that people eat coconut for.

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      Are you talking about eating it yourself or feeding it to your dog? Plant based fatty acids are in the form of alpha-linolenic acid, which has to be converted to EPA and DHA for it to be of nutritional benefit to a dog, but they lack the enzymes to convert it. So if you're looking for a good oil for your dog for a good source of Omega 3s, try sticking with animal based oils. If you want to eat it yourself, go for it. I personally think it's more of a huge fad than anything, but I like it to make lotions and stuff, and I cook with it sometimes too. I also rub a tiny little bit into Asaah's coat after a bath, especially in the winter, and I put a little on her paw pads if they get super dry and crack in the winter too.
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