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    So we finally went RAW I decided to go with the ground mixes, I found a co-op near me that I can get it from at not to bad a price. I want to saty with the ground mixes for a bit until I get braver and graduate to chicken backs etc. (if ever) they get beef ribs for chewing bones.

    I ordered ground chicken which is meat, bone, liver, gizzard, heart, and necks. Not sure on the ratios.

    Also ordered Ground beef which is
    85% lean ground product: 15% heart, 10% bone, 75% beef trim, I also got beef mix without bone.

    Well we are 3 weeks in, 1st week was great I fed the chicken, they loved it but soon started to have very yellow/white crumbly poops, so I figure too much bone in the chicken and opened a bag of boneless beef. They hate it, won't touch the beef. I also tried the beef with bone same, they won't touch it. Which is funny b/c the love the meaty beef ribs they get for chewing.

    So I am left with the ground chicken which they love, but it is causing some very hard crumbly poops. What should I add? Should I add boneless chicken? if so what cut? breasts are too much $$ what about thighs? thighs are quite affordable and I could easily pull the meat of those bones for a boneless meal, but it's dark meat is that ok, too rich?

    Should I add some tripe, I ordered some but being only on my 3rd week I thought it might be too early to add tripe?

    I also ordered ground organ mix which is
    30% beef liver, 20% beef heart, 20% beef kidney, 20% beef tongue trim, 10% ground bone. Should I add this or is it too early

    They also barely drink water, I know they drink way less water when on raw, but their water consumption is almost non existent. Should I add water to their mix to make sure they are getting enough?

    Thanks, help much appreciated... I'm worried that they want their kibble back.

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    They don't drink much water on raw. They get the water out of their food. Try mixing the beef and chicken together and see if they will eat it that way. Dark meat is fine. Try chicken quarters. They are cheaper.


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      Our dogs had crumbly poop on mostly chicken quarters, which has plenty of meat.
      And I miss not having them beg for water every second! I want to go back to raw, but storage for 3 dogs (2 of which are 100+ lb) and 2 cats makes it unreasonable right now



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        You could try to add the organ mix. You usually wait with organ because it can cause loose stools...but you need some loosener with the crumbly stools. By the way, tongue is certainly not an organ, it's a strong muscle meat.

        I would buy chicken quarters and debone it, and add it to your chicken grind to up the meat content. Add some organ. Start mixing in the beef grind, just a little at a time, maybe add a raw egg when mixing in the beef.
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          You could also try adding a couple ounces of chicken liver... not sure how big ur pups are... - usually pretty cheap at the grocery

          - I would try the mixing... also a little thyme, basil, or oregano might help... but I would try mixing first

          - I would encourage you to try some chicken thighs, or breasts, boneless if you can find them cheap... also deboning some chicken quarters can make for some pretty cheap meat.... check out the discount meat section at the grocery

          Not sure where you are located... but RawPaws is moving to UPS home delivery, not necessarily the most cost effective, but they have boneless Turkey chunks for about a dollar a pound!!

          They won't drink much as others have said.

          Good luck!
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