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    my dogs have gone ape for canned fish! tuna, salmon, sardines and tonight, mackerel for the first time. OMG, nom nom nom!!!

    when i feed tuna or sardines, they each get a whole can (the little bitty cans).

    salmon and mackerel come in the bigger cans. is it ok to give each dog a whole can? tonight, i just gave them each a big soup spoonful and they were begging for more. so, they got another big soup spoonful. didn't wanna push my luck before i asked here. the mackerel was in "brine". it's all i could find. is that ok?


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    sista sista! hullo baby!
    Roxy recently went on a hunger strike, (after her FIRST HEAT! I think it was a false preg) and only started to eat again once I covered all the raw in stinky stinky tuna in oil!
    My pack LOVES it! watch for the runs with too much, though. I split a can between all 3.


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      my kids ADORE cooked fish. Canned salmon and mackerel are particular favs. They split a full can between them and ask for more, but will get runny poo if they get more.

      I did poach a huge hunk of salmon for them a couple weeks ago and both went totally nuts for it with no diarrhea as a result. I have more in the freezer so need to cook some more. Neither will eat raw fish, so they do love it cooked. Easy peasy. Just cut in the right size pieces and put in a sprayed glass baking dish, add a tiny bit of water if needed, cover with plastic wrap and give it 5 or so minutes in the microwave.

      Sprockey went on a raw strike for about a month, so after 3 days of him not eating at all, I broke down and cooked him some chicken and rice and he ate it, but not with enthusiasm. I then bought a bag of TOTW, which he does enjoy. We are working our way back to raw with him. He actually ate an entire leg quarter today. I did have to cut it up and let him take his time, but it disappeared so hopefully we are getting back on track. He is now starting to turn his nose up at TOTW, so perhaps this phase is finally coming to an end.

      I hate feeding dog food, even grain free. He has been fine but oh my....Stinky farts and really stinky poop!!!!
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        lynn, both pea and bentley have been less than enthusiastic about eating anything (except canned fish!) since it's been so stinkin' hot. breakfast is usually just a couple of pieces of chicken or a drumstick and a pork rib or neck bone. since i'm not home to feed snacks during the day, they don't eat again till late evening. by then, they are spinning in circles while i prepare their bowls.

        glad sprocket is coming around!