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Can someone please help me lay out a feeding plan?

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  • Can someone please help me lay out a feeding plan?

    I love raw food but I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to balance everything. I have a 6 month old dane pup who is pretty active and very skinny!
    If someone could help me lay out a meal plan for a what a week would look like to try to balance the protein levels and the calcium/phos ratio that would be soo helpful!
    He already gets eggs, yogurt and salmon oil added to his kibble. But when I tried to do chicken necks he got pretty sick even when I introduced them slowly and stuck to it for a while. He seems to do well on all other meat though.

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    Chicken necks are too small for a pup that age. Go to chicken quarters. Start with just chicken until you can see that his poop is o.k. and he is handling raw well. The bones in chicken provide the calcium etc that the pup needs. You can use different cuts of chicken as well as ground. You can feed chicken gizzards as that is muscle meat not organ meat. Once he can eat chicken without any problems add a different protein and switch back and forth between the chicken and the 2nd protein.


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      Yes, I will help you lay out a feeding plan.

      Step 1) Never mix dry kibble (especially with grain in it) with raw food. They digest at significantly different rates and can cause serious digestive issues, as you may have discovered.

      Step 2) Stop overworking yourself. Just pick - are you going to feed kibble or are you going to feed raw?

      I will add more steps as I get responses.
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        I just want to do raw but I've been really struggling with how to feed it properly and ensure that my dog is getting everything he needs