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8 week old puppy on raw

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  • 8 week old puppy on raw


    I think i'm getting more confident and comfortable with going raw as soon as I take my puppy next weekend. I understand that it basically goes 10% of a puppy's body weight until that reaches 2-3% of his expected adult weight.

    That I understand. Also, I've read that its best to start with only chicken for the first week, then introduce other sources slowly and gradually.

    What I don't know for sure is exactly what I should be buying at the stores?

    backs, thighs, wings, quarters etc?

    Obviously I don't want to give something too big, I also don't know if I should be breaking up the bone at first to make sure its chewable in size, etc.


    Ps. I have done searches and have found some info, but not all of what I want.
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    Was the pup weaned to raw? If so, just continue using cuts the breeder has been using...chicken wings and thighs tend to work pretty well. Qcumber was switched at 8 weeks and the chicken seemed to be a bit rough so I switched to green tripe and am going to start adding chicken back in this week.


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      I cut the meat off of the leg bones and thighs, but did use the back bones in the leg quarters, just cut them into manageable pieces.

      Chicken necks and wings are great for starting out. I would still add the extra meat from breast, thighs and legs for a while.
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        If you are uncomfortable with the bone you can always grind some. Just remember they need bone to keep balanced. My 11 week old gets cut up leg quarters so he can start getting used to chewing the bone but he started on ground meat and bone. Oddly enough I don't think he likes the ground texture. He much prefers to have manageable pieces that he can sit and chew. When we first got him, he scarfed. Now he dines. He's the slowest eater we have. I think leg quarters are the best. I find the bones in the wings to be too small and sharp. Just chop everything in manageable pieces. Large enough to promote chewing but small enough to digest when swallowed whole.


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          If the pup has trouble chewing a bone smack it with a hammer. This will break it up so that they can chew it.


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            My boxer was on raw right from the beginning. I had to beat up his meat before I gave it to him, and I cut quarters in half, but other then that, he ate what the other dogs ate, just at a slower pace. My dane also started on raw as soon as I brought her home. It was much easier for her then it was for the boxer with smaller teeth. See what he can tolerate and get through and buy accordingly. Now, since we moved to our new house, we feed them in their crates, because he takes so long, and I hate the amount of time I waste, having to stand and watch so no one steals his. I think he is more relaxed eating in there, and not having to hurry. I also like not having to mop my kitchen floor twice a day. You will figure out what works for your situation. I have been raw feeding for 2 1/2 years and am still changing things around when I see something will work better.
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