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  • Need a question answered asap

    So, I was going to make Thai Pork Soup for dinner tonight but when I opened the pork loin, I thought it smelled a bit. It's very faint but I am not taking a chance so I was going to throw it out. Here's my ?...
    I've heard that dog's stomach aren't as sensitive. Can I feed this to Gunner?
    I wouldn't if it was literally green or something but it's a slightly off smell.
    I will not take a chance with him getting sick but I thought I'd ask here.
    Obviously, dogs in wild sometimes come across not so fresh meat and live to tell but I don't want him getting even the scoots.
    Is it safe or risky?
    sigpicAngela and Gunner

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    Personally, I would feed it to him as long as it's not too rank. I've fed pork, chicken and beef all that was starting to turn that I wouldn't personally eat and have had no problems from it whatsoever.
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      From everything I've read - it's perfectly safe to feed meat that may be a bit too 'sour' for us humans to handle

      I do know that Loki won't touch older meat though - fussy boy is still fussy!


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        I would feed it. I've fed some meat that was border line spoiled, and they did just fine. Now if it stunk to the point where you cannot tolerate it, then I prolly wouldn't feed it. JMPO.

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          Thank you for the quick replies. I cut it up and gave it too him. He seemed to really like it. It was his first pork meal.
          Thanks again!
          sigpicAngela and Gunner


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            I would feed it, too.

            Just an FYI - pork can sometimes cause the runs if they're not used to it.
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              Well, it's been 18 hours and so far, he's been fine. No scoots either. Thankfully, he seems to have a strong stomach. He even eats his organs without hesitation. I think he might be getting bored of his ground chicken, so I chopped up some carrots and put them in. He loves crunching on carrots.
              sigpicAngela and Gunner