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  • After 3 years

    we are switching back to raw again. We fed it for 5 years, then went back to kibble once our twins were born (they were preemies, I'm disabled, husband out of town a lot, etc.). We use to package about 350 lbs ourselves in our basement for our 7 dogs (4 Danes and 3 mixes) Now we are down to 3 mixes and 1 Dane (the others have all passed since then except for one Dane that was rehomed) My friend and also my Dane's breeder, packages and delivers the raw diet so I'm ordering it from her now. I've been waiting for the right timing to get back on raw and here it is. We are moving in 2 months or so to a house on 9 acres and I think this is the perfect time to change. Wish us luck!!
    Angie, proud mama to 1 Great Dane, Mira and 3 mixes, 1 cat, 3 snakes and fish...also mama to 3 y/o identical twin girls

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    Good Luck!!!!!
    Teresa n


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      Yay! That's great!

      Dori: 7 years (TDI, CGC), Toby: RIP SWEET BOY (CGC), Cami: 7 years (TDI, CGC)