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Looking to get into feeding raw for allergies

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  • Looking to get into feeding raw for allergies

    Hello All,
    Apologies in advance for the lengthy wall of text I'm about to provide.
    When I had first adopted Oliver, I noticed some issues(Dry skin, bleeding sores between his toes) that would persist through the year. I paid for environmental and food allergy testing and found out he's allergic to a host of things:
    Range is 1-4(4 being most allergic)
    Egg 2
    Salmon 2
    Corn 2
    Soybean 0
    Beef 0
    Chicken 1
    Duck 0
    Rabbit 0
    Yeast 2
    Oat 0
    Milk 1
    Wheat 1
    Rice 0
    Pork 1
    Turkey 2
    Lamb 0
    Potato 0
    Venison 0
    Pea 1
    Barley 0

    With this knowledge I went to work trying to find kibble for him, but I can't find a single kibble without something he's allergic to. I tried feeding raw for a few weeks, but it was crazy expensive, I started feeding him chicken without thinking, realized I was giving him a protein he was allergic to and immediately transitioned him to "The honest Kitrchen"'s dehydrated beef food. His allergies have completely cleared up, he's lost weight, but I'm now spending $100 every 1.5/2 weeks for this diet.

    I previously didn't have a lot of experience other than some online articles and a few youtube videos, so I know the basics of feeding(percentages between organ meats/bone/musclemeats, veggies etc)
    So with that all out of the way I'm needing some pro advice on how I can get back into feeding raw without paying a crazy amount. With his allergies I think I would have to go with beef products or some kind of fish. What is the most cost efficient way of getting meat? I've heard of groups of people that would buy cases of meat and split it between themselves, but I have no idea how to find these people in my city, or even where to start looking We only really have 1 local butcher in my town that is open to the public,and I was planning on calling them tomorrow to ask about some bulk arrangement, but the cost of this dehydrated diet is killing my bank account. I'm getting frustrated with this food issue and figured I would ask for advice here...

    He currently weight about 120lbs and is pretty low energy.

    Thank you

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    Raw can be very cost effective once you get going on it and find good sources for the bones & meat you need. I suggest that you research it completely..It MUST be done correctly
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