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    So, I follow a channel on Youtube called 'Dogumentary TV' and awhile ago they released a vid on Leonbergers. In this dogumentary, they were interviewing a breeder living in San Diego who happens to feed her dogs raw, and is an advocate for the raw diet in general. One interesting thing she mentioned is that the Leonberger lines were split up on the east and west side of Germany while the wall was up, and that after the wall was torn down, it was discovered that on average, lines from the east side had healthier dogs that tended to live longer than dogs from lines on the west side.

    Her reasoning on why? West side lines were being fed commercial kibble, while east side lines were still being fed raw, as they had no access to kibble. I thought this was extremely interesting, and have been attempting to look into it more, but have had no luck so far. Mostly I think it's because the records for these lines would be in the hands of people who are still breeding those lines, or who are descended from those breeders, and as someone not involved with any of that I have no 'in'. Or maybe I can't find anything because it's simply not true.

    Either way, If any of you have any information on this, I'd love to hear about it. I've also been wondering if other breeds that originated in Germany have experienced this phenomenon as well, which is why I figured I might as well post here. It'd be cool to hear about the Leonbergers, but even cooler to hear if anyone has any info about Great Dane lines during this time. I've been wondering if this had any effect on why Euro Danes differ so much from American ones too - perhaps Euro Danes were bred on one side, while the A. standard ones were on the other, and then when the wall came down what would become the Euro Danes started spreading over the rest of Europe by chance/people/etc over there liked how it looked more (this is purely speculation, of course).

    Thanks in advance.
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