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  • Raw diet newbie! no grinder

    If you're concerned, you can always use a premix powder. A premix powder is a powder that you mix into raw meat and water and it creates a sauce on the meat that has balanced nutrients in it. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it for peace of mind if you're not 100% confident in doing prey model raw. Premixes are made by two brands that I know of, Feline Instincts and TC Feline. You can also get the liver powder so you don't have to cut up fresh liver if you prefer not to!

    I did prey model raw with my cat for 2 years and it worked out. I supplemented some taurine vitamin E, and fish oil, based off of the TC feline home made cat food recipe. but after a while she started being really finicky and not eating the bones, so I always dreaded "bone day" lol. I used to cut up poussin (young chicken) for her and feed her a portion twice a week along with some liver (feeding soft organ meat along with boney meals will help balance out the poop). I switched to Feline Instincts premix and she likes it and it's a lot more convenient, but I will have to get her teeth cleaned more often probably because she is not eating bones anymore.