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What is the most economical way to raw feed 2 adult Danes?

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  • What is the most economical way to raw feed 2 adult Danes?

    Hi everyone! I have 2 lovely adult boys one us 8 years young and one is 4. I am feeding raw for about 3 weeks now. The boys have leaned out a bit too much for my liking. They should each be getting 4.5 pounds per day if my math is correct. I'm having trouble trying to do this economically. Any suggestions?

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    Where are you located? I use a variety of sources. It's usually the most economical to find a co-op in your area although I had problems finding one where I live so I have to drive a few hours to pick up my order. I use a co-op out of St. Louis for the bulk of my meat that is shipped down from Ross Wells in Wisconsin. I also buy chicken quarters and ground beef at Wal-Mart, pork butt from GFS (they often have marked down pork roasts for 0.99 per lb) and Blue Ridge Beef products from a woman who orders in bulk and lives about 1.5 hrs from me. It can be a scavenger hunt takes a while to find good affordable sources but it's worth it.


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      I feed chicken quarters in the 10 pound bag for anywhere from .49-.69 per pound. I add in cuts of beef, chicken hearts, gizzards and livers and sometimes other proteins that I find on clearance and freeze. Everything comes from the regular grocery store at this point as we recently relocated from TX to LA and I havenít searched out a meat market or butcher yet. I find that the price is comparable to feeding kibble.

      Sara-- Moose's Mom