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Skin issues- can raw diet help?

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  • Skin issues- can raw diet help?

    HEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!! I'll give the quickest gist I can:
    3 weeks ago we rescued a 3yo Blue Dane named Roman. We love him. However, he has some skin issues. When we got him his neck was rubbed raw. Rescue, and vet the rescue works with, suspected a metal allergy. He also has like the acne all over his chin and lips. Neck hair has totally grown back But pimples still bad. He has had a bunch of little scabs on top of head that I totally just related to the kennel. Since we've had him home he's been on Nature Domain lamb & sweet potato and we've been using glass bowls. Just over the weekend I've noticed his "elbows" looking brown and a couple of weeping scabs there too. Also, the top of his rump & tail now has a couple of scabs / bumps and he looks a little moth eaten. Skin there feels oily & dandruff-y. He is being treated for ear infection & he smells SUPER yeasty. He's a mess. We don't really have anything about this in his limited vet history. Seems like actually worse rather than better. Going back to vet for ideas today. He WAS recently scraped for Demodex and scabies. Negative.
    Full disclosure: I'm a single mama & we ADORE this guy, but....can't afford insane vet bills and high end food (I barely make dinner for the children - HAHAHA). I'm going to ask about raw feeding because what I believe about people food is probably the same as dog food. Can someone walk me STEP BY STEP about how to make it cost effective, what to feed, where to buy...and if you think it will help / worth it. He is right around 120+ lbs and could probably stand to put on a few more but he's gained a bit since being with us.

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    Also...only other thing that has changed is that we switched him from Purina One (he was on at kennel) to Nature's Domain about 2 weeks ago. We only mixed the two foods for a couple of days before switching completely...But I genuinely doubt this could be cause....


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      Raw could help however you would need to research it completely to make sure you are doing it correctly. Nature's Domain is better then Purina however it tends to be a bit carb heavy.
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        He may need a round of antibiotics to get a handle on the acne and elbows. Also, wipe the areas with raw apple cider vinegar 3x daily and splash a small amount onto his kibble for him to ingest or put a small amount in his water bowl (2-3 TBS per day). The tail sounds like stud tail which is over active gland secretion. Wipe the area of the tail with acne wipes (both sides of tail, top and bottom) several times a day. I doubt the food change is causing the issues, more likely stress from new home - that should resolve in time. Raw is a great diet but there is no easy way to learn it. Start researching and research for a good while before you do it. A proper Raw diet is the best diet out there but Raw done badly or incorrectly can cause a lot of problems. I would also add some coconut oil to his diet to help with the coat issues.
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