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  • Purina Pro-Plan Puppy

    Our pup is currently on Purina Pro-Plan Chicken and Rice. It's roughly 28% protein. We were planning on keeping our dog on this for the 1st year

    Looking for thoughts, opinions, etc..... as well as suggestions for alternative dry kibble.

    My main concern is the 28% protein as far as growing to quickly.

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    I'm no expert but I would consider switching to a better quality food such as TOTW, Wellness Supermix 5, Innova etc... 28% protein (when most of the protein is plant based) seems a little high for my liking especially when along with the high plant based proteins usually comes inadequate Calcium/Phosphate levels (which is where you run into problems)..... With Grain inclusive foods you want to keep protein levels between 21-24% and Calcium/phosphate levels at around 1% and fat levels around 12-14%..

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Teresa n


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      Purina pro plan puppy is a mediocre food at best. I would even say its pretty low quality.
      There are definitely worse foods..but this is not great at all. Danes should not be on puppy food.
      There are 2 types of corn at by-products in the first few ingredients...not good
      Chicken soup adult would be a much better choice for around the same cost


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        You should be concerned, most puppy food is not good for danes it makes them grow to fast and can cause HOD. First make sure it isn't in your contract to feed this if it is ask the breeder how long they have been feeding this to their pups and if it is ok to switch. I have run into a few Euro breeders who swear Euro pups grow differently and insist they be feed puppy food, I have some doubts on this.
        I think Taste of The Wild is a good food, but there are other foods out there that are good.
        here are others a great member on food advise posted these a while back, so you can look up Faust old responses.
        Quoted from a post by Faust :As for the best choices:

        Grain free:
        Taste of the wild: high prairie or wetlands
        Canidae als
        Taste of the wild: pacific stream

        Grain inclusive:
        Canidae als
        Chicken soup
        Wellness super5mix
        California naturals
        Natural balance.
        Eagle pack holistic
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