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Green tripe mixed into kibble?

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  • Green tripe mixed into kibble?

    I have decided to feed my new puppy (whom I'm getting in early/mid November at just over 8 weeks) Orijen Regional Red based on forum member's reviews.

    I am also wanting to feed my great dane green tripe (Trippett) by forking a bit into the kibble at each meal. What I am wondering is - should I begin this early or do I need to wait til a certain age before introducing this mixture?

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    My question is, Why do you want to add tripe to something that has every thing in it from A to Zinc? Tripe is grounded digested stomach and its contents mainly plant matter. Why throw off the balance of a superb dog food.

    I would try to see if the puppy does well on Orijen first and for some reason you still what to add tripe I would introduce it slowly. You don't feed much tripe.
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      My experience is to hold my breath, dump the tripe, run to the house as fast as I can... exhale. Blending tripe with dog food a little each day would be a harrowing experience in my opinion. It is super rich in nutrients, but smells so bad I only use it as a special treat.
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        I totally agree with Susanne. Don't add anything to the kibble if you don't have to.... When my pup Steffie was younger, I had to watch how much kibble/calories she was taking in. She was a fast growing pup. She was always hungry so I added microwaved vegetables to her kibble to help fill her up. Keep the protein and fat content on the lower side. Last thing you want is HOD. Grow your pup slow.
        If you spoil the dog by adding stuff like tripe to the food now, you'll have problems getting them to eat later without adding a bunch of stuff to the food.
        If you can just serve dry kibble, it will help keep the teeth cleaner.
        Also, pups are less likely to have diarrhea if you go with straight kibble.
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          I add Tripett to Scarlett's kibble every now and again (she also eats Orijen Regional Red). It's for a treat more than anything...she loves it!!!! Why wouldn't I want to spoil my girl.....?
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            You can feed tripe at any age. I weaned my puppies on Tripett.

            While it doesn't smell good, I personally don't find the canned Tripett "that" offensive (maybe I'm just used to it!).

            I'm a raw feeder and frequently feed tripe. But, I also have kibble-feeding friends that use it frequently as well. I think it's a great addition to a dog's diet.
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              I find that the Before Grain canned tripe smells a lot less awful than Tripett. I don't mind the BG tripe at all, but the few times I've used Tripett I nearly died, yet I don't find fresh tripe bad
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