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  • Magic meatloaf

    Hi y'all,

    Can someone repost the recipe for the Magic Meatloaf please.


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    RE: Magic meatloaf

    Here ya go:
    5 pounds hamburger meat (85% lean--can use sausage-like
    meat of any kind that is unspiced, so allergic dogs can have lamb,
    turkey etc.) You can also use a 3:2 muscle meat to organ meat
    recipe, but the livers, etc. must be ground.
    1 lg. box of Total cereal (any complete dry boxed cereral).
    1 lg. box oatmeal (rolled quick oats are fine, otherwise cook first).
    1 jar of wheat germ
    1 cup veg oil
    1 cup of unsulfured molasses
    12 eggs
    2 boxes/8 pkts. envelopes of unflavored gelatin
    Garlic powder or pinch of garlic salt.

    Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Beat eggs, add in molasses
    & oil, & stir into dry. Knead the raw meat into the mixture to distribute
    it evenly. (Wash hands, etc. after handling raw meat, etc.)
    Press into cake pans. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.
    Can freeze extra & thaw as needed. A classic of vet clinics
    & breeders, for increasing appetite & putting on weight.
    This meatloaf should be refrigerated, but can be rewarmed or
    even carried in a cooler for a show/camping, etc. weekend.

    (& here are the others I posted when I originally posted this):
    This has two versions, the older one uses a pressure cooker,
    which many folks these days do not have. The newer version
    needs a blender, but can be done without it for healthy
    dogs (instructions also given). This is the K9 version of healing
    "chicken soup" & is great for sick as well as healthy dogs.
    Can spoon it over kibble to get them into better eating habits
    or feed the ill or recovering dog this healthy mixture as a semi-
    liguid diet.

    One whole stewing chicken
    2 boullion cubes or 1 can of boullion.
    3 large carrots sliced or grated.
    1 c. green beans.
    3-4 cloves of garlic.
    Wash chicken, remove giblets. Slice/grate carrots,
    dice beans & cut up garlic. Place all ingredients in
    a pressure cooker, cover with water, and cook down
    until chicken bones powder.
    Serve as soup or spoon over kibble.

    Version#2. SOUP
    3-4 lbs. of chicken.
    2 boullion cubes or 1 can of boullion.
    3 large carrots sliced or grated.
    1 c. green beans.
    3-4 cloves of garlic.
    Cook slowly on stove top in large pot until meat is tender
    & bones dissolving. Blender for a liquid meal. Can keep
    in a squeeze bottle & squirt over kibble or give as soup.
    Version#2. STEW
    3-4 lbs. of deboned chicken.
    2 boullion cubes or 1 can of boullion.
    3 large carrots sliced or grated.
    1 c. green beans.
    3-4 cloves of garlic.
    Bone meal tablets or grated/shredded cheese
    is necessary deboned chicken is used.
    Cook slowly on stove top in large pot until meat is tender
    & bones dissolving. Either add in equal portion of cheese
    afterwards, or cook with bone meal tablets (which will dissolve)
    so there will not be a calcium insuffiency.

    My other favorite is CHICKEN PATE:
    Take whole chicken, cook down (pressure cooker is best),
    puree, & pour into ice-cube trays. Great to tempt the
    really ill dog & super for b*tches with bitty babies, etc.

    A couple more of widespread fame-both to put weight on:

    Charlie's Champaine's Race Diet
    For 24 dogs:
    Beef 30%
    Chicken 30%
    Egg 5%
    Liver 20%
    2 cup bone meal
    1 cup wheat germ oil
    2 cup corn oil
    1 cup Red Cell
    dry commercial feed 15%
    Start using liver September 1st. Use small quantities at first and
    work up to 20% by mid-November.

    Summer Diet
    Beef 60%
    Chicken 20%
    Egg 5%
    dry commercial feed 15%
    2 cup bone meal
    1 cup wheat germ oil

    "Grow Hair on a doorknob"
    1 lb. Peanut Butter
    1 lb. honey
    1 lb. diaglo (powder) or Mirra coat
    1 pt. Lavitamin also known as lixatonic

    Have peanut butter at room temperature. Mix all ingredients together
    This will be very thick and sticky. Stores indefinitely in
    refrigerator. Make into balls according to size of the dog.

    Small dogs should get 1-3 teaspoons daily,
    Large dogs should get 1-2 tablespoons daily.

    This and fat balls recipe are found at

    regards, jp& the chroma-crew


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      RE: Magic meatloaf

      Here you go

      Courtesy of JP Yousha/Chromadane
      K9 Weight-on Meatloaf (to slurry).
      A compete & balanced food for dogs that will safely
      add weight over a matter of days to weeks. Can be made
      from a cake variety to a slurry for highly compromised
      animals who may even need tubing.
      1 box Total cereal (or another such instant complete brand).
      1 carton quick (instant) oatmeal.** for danes MUST have oatmeal.
      1 dozen large eggs.
      3 boxes (12 pck) Knox Gelatin.
      ((or 4 scoops from the can of Knox you can buy in a pharmacy.))
      1/2 cup lard or vegetable oil.
      1/2 cup blackstrap molasses.
      1 jar of wheatgerm.
      3-4 lbs 75-85% (fatty) hamburger.
      1-1.5 lbs. ground calves/chicken liver and/or tripe
      **(((I have substituted a variety of meats with success:
      say 3 lbs unseasoned pork/beef sausage & 1 lb ground liver/tripe or
      even lamb or chicken.....can alter by the allergies and/or tastes
      of the dog in question....))

      FYI: the proportions are what count & meats must be ground.
      In most European kennels the ratio is always 3 parts grain to 1 part
      meat & in meat, 3 parts muscle meat to one part organ meat.))

      Preheat oven to 350.
      Mix dry ingredients in large (bread making sized) bowl.
      In seperate bowl beat eggs, add in oil, molasses & stir this into dry
      Knead in the meat & distribute evenly. Mass should be firm.
      Press into tinfoil cake pans. Bake 30-45 minutes--longer will make
      the cake firmer & less crumbly--too long & the top will first brown
      & then burn. Makes 4 9" cake pans or 2 square cake pans full.
      (One recipie is usually enough for a week or more's supplementation.)
      Keep refrigerated & warm before feeding if possible.
      You can alter the ingredients for allergies or food preferences,
      if you keep the proportions. You can alter the consistency & up the
      unit by adding in more "wet" ingredients (meat, oil, even water) for
      animals or those lacking appetite. This food should not cause diarrhea
      or growth problems, & a handfull to a pound can be fed each meal or it
      can be used
      safely as treats. Never to be fed raw. If wish to feed a raw meat the
      consistenly safe choice would be pasteurized & only Bil-Jac to my
      has such a product available in the states.
      courtesy of JP Yousha/Chromadane


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        RE: Magic meatloaf

        There is another raw meat that is available and safe for all feline and canine animals, its called AFS, if anyone is interested they can visit it from my home page at (it is toward the bottom of the page).
        I wean my puppies from nursing right to this meat (diluted with water for easier eating), it is easily digested (excellent way to get the digestive tract working), is almost all used (so small stools), extremely palatable and perfect for any picky eater, or putting weight on adult dogs (mixed with kibble or given straight). At 7 weeks old I start to mix in kibble.
        Divine Acres Great Danes
        Divine Acres The Legend "Bruce" 5 1/2 months old..5th generation of DA Danes!


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          RE: Magic meatloaf

          Thanks everyone...



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            RE: Magic meatloaf

            About a month ago I tried JPY's recipe for a foster dog ... while the dog initially wasn't crazy about it (or anything else for that matter), she's now doing great and wolfing it down and I'm finally seeing weight gain. Only problem I had is that all the other dogs WENT CRAZY about it - but of course none of them needed to gain weight. Major disappointment to the gang getting only a teeny piece when it's "oh sooo good".
            Just a hint though - when mixing, take off your watch and wear short sleeves


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              Yum YUM!<G>RE: Magic meatloaf

              Astrid_I have to put the eggshells in it to keep my husband from eating it!! LOL!!