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Food Suggetions for Adult Great Dane

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  • kaylatehehe
    started a topic Food Suggetions for Adult Great Dane

    Food Suggetions for Adult Great Dane

    Hello Community!

    I have spent countless hours researching dry food for my great dane for when she is an adult. I'm having a very hard time finding a well balanced adult food that meets the calcium/phosphate ratio and more simple ingredient. My Emmy Lou is 4 months old and I currently have her on TOTW Pacific Stream with 1.3% calcium/1% phosphate. She was on High Prairie, but she formed a red meat intolerance. The salmon kibble has been fine so far. I am happy with TOTW, but the adult food options have extremely high calcium/phosphate ratios. I am looking for simple ingredient, no wheat, corn, soy, little to no by meal products and no grain. I know she has a long way to go before I even need to buy her adult food. I plan on switching to adult at 18 months. But I am a planner and I just want to find peace to all these hours spent looking up food.

    What have ya'll used and found meets everything needed for large breed? Looking for any/all suggestions.

    Thank you kindly!

  • kahluadanes
    Be careful of grain free..they tend to have a lot of potatoes, peas/lentils which can be a big problem. Is there a medical reason you need to stay away from grains? In any food no matter if grain free or grain inclusive there should not be a high plant ingredient . There should be more meat/meat meal sources in the top 6 ingredients then there are plants. As far as by products a named by product such as Chicken is not a isn't the problem people think..the worrisome ones to stay away from is the generic.. meat or poultry by products which can be anything. For an adult Dane 12 months and older you don't need to worry about calcium/phosphorous levels.. The only time you need to be concerned is when they are growing puppies.

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