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Diet change for 6YO and 4YO

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  • Diet change for 6YO and 4YO

    So one of our GD is significantly overweight. We had thought we put him on a diet, but then he had to have steroids and in 3 months he has gained another 10 pounds. We have always fed them Canidae, but the vet has recommended we change due to the calories in the food. Our 4YO was diagnosed today with a slight bit of arthritis in his shoulder (on x-ray) and they said weIght could be a huge contributor. I have researched for many years including my very first Dane and got the recommendation for Canidae here and we never had an issue but I never realized how many calories it has compared to others. If we switch for one we will do it for both. Any solid recommendations for adult Danes?

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    Stay on the same food, reduce amount being fed and add green beans as a low calorie filler.. You will be retaining a good food plus helping the dogs feel full without adding calories.
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      Thank you!