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FDA Investigation on Grain Free Diets

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  • FDA Investigation on Grain Free Diets

    Hello Everyone!

    I was recently reading about the ongoing investigation on grain-free diets, and I have to admit I am concerned. According to the FDA, grain free diets may be causing cardiomyopathy and other heart diseases. Specifically, grain free diets containing legumes and potatoes (including sweet potatoes) are the ones in question. The FDA recently came out with a list and low and behold, our food is on that list. We are currently feeding my 5 month old Dane Orijen for large breed puppies. We were feeding Precise large breed puppy before this but as someone else mentioned on the forum, they are no longer in production. Gunther has been on Orijen for about a week now and I have to say we are all loving the change in diet. He finally has solid stool (something we were really struggling with before), his coat looks great, and he loves it (not that this pupper is a picky eater)!

    I am torn because on one hand I feel as if he is doing great on this food but at the same time I do not want to ignore that there may be a risk. Although, from what I read the FDA has not asked these companies to recall.

    I have copied the list of companies that was provided by the AKC website below as well as the link to their article:
    • Acana (67 reports)
    • Zignature (64 reports)
    • Taste of the Wild (53 reports)
    • 4Health (32 reports)
    • Earthborn Holistic (32 reports)
    • Blue Buffalo (31 reports)
    • Nature’s Domain (29 reports)
    • Fromm (24 reports)
    • Merrick (16 reports)
    • California Natural (15 reports)
    • Natural Balance (15 reports)
    • Orijen (12 reports)
    • Nature’s Variety (10 reports)
    • Nutrisource (10 reports)
    • Nutro (10 reports)
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish (10 reports)
    If anyone has more information on this or suggestions please reply.


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    It is NOT just grain free foods the headlines are very misleading nor is there enough info out there.. A panic button was pushed without all the facts being known. People are just reading headlines or initial info without reading follow ups, facts as they are known so far... FDA also does not do mandatory pet food recalls as a rule..when there is a recall it is voluntary on the part of a company. Also there is a lot more that needs to be known .
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