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Victor Dog food, calc/phos chart

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  • Victor Dog food, calc/phos chart

    I have been researching foods to feed my pup and Victor seems to constantly be rated very highly.

    I am concerned about their calcium and phosphorus ratio for our pups. From my reading of clinical studies, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus should be between 1:1 to 1:5:1. Below are all of Victor's dry foods, and while none of them exceed the high end of the ratio (1.5:1) it seems to be common consensus that calcium should also be limited to a maximum of 1.5% (** to note I could not find clinical research to support, or dispute, this max % number, but it does seem to be general advise from many web sites)

    Based on the chart below the only food which would be suitable for a Dane pup would be the Chicken Meal and Brown Rice, but then I look at the main ingredients list, ingredient 2, 3 and 4 are all grains.

    Am I being crazy or does it seem that Victor might not be the best food for a puppy Dane, even though it might be a 5-star food for adults?

    Classic foods ratio to 1 Actual % ratio
    High pro plus 1.5:1 2.4:1.6 beef, sorghum, chicken fat, pork meal, chicken meal, fish meal, blood meal
    Hi energy 1.2:1 1.7:1.4 beef, sorghum, millet, chicken fat, chicken meal, pork meal
    multi pro 1.4:1 1.7:1.2 Sorghum, Beef, chicken fat, chicken meal, pork meal
    professional 1.3:1 1.8:1.3 beef, sorghum, millet, chicken fat, blood
    Select Foods
    GF Yukon River 1.4:1 1.8:1.25 fish meal, peas, chicken fat, garbanzo beans dehydrated salmon
    GF Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato 1.5:1 1.6:1.1 chicken meal, chicken fat, garbanzo beans, sweet potato
    GF Lamb Meal & Sweet Potato 1.4:1 1.8:1.2 lamb meal, sweet potato, chicken fat, garbanzo beans, blood meal
    Chicken Meal & Brown Rice 1.3:1 1.4:1 chicken meal, sorghum, millet, brown rice chicken fat
    Ocean Fish Formula with Salmon 1.4:1 1.7:1.2 fish meal, sorghum, peas, chicken fat, millet, dehydrated salmon
    Lamb Meal & Brown Rice 1.4:1 1.7:1.2 Lamb meal, brown rice, millet, chicken fat, peas, sorghum
    Beef Meal & Brown Rice 1.4:1 1.8:1.3 beef meal, sorghum, brown rice, chicken fat, pork meal
    Performance 1.5:1 2.3:1.5 beef meal, sorghum, millet, chicken fat, blood meal, chicken meal, pork meal
    Nutra 1.5:1 1.7:1.1 Chicken meal, blood meal, millet, chicken fat, yeast
    Senior Healthy Weight 1.5:1 2.2:1.4 Beef meal, brown rice, millet, sorghum, chicken fat, fish meal
    GF Active Puppy 1.2:1 1.75:1.5 Beef meal, peas, sweet potato, chicken fat, fish meal, blood meal
    GF Hero 1.5:1 2.3:1.5 Beef meal, sweet potato, chicken fat, fish meal, blood meal
    GF Ultra 1.5:1 2.3:1.5 Chicken meal, beef meal, chicken fat, peas, blood meal

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    They are all really too high for a Dane 12 months and younger. The formulas have changed which is why I always tell people to recheck even if it is a brand they have fed in the past.. Victor only has a few formulas that I like due to some being high in plant ingredients even for an adult.
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