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I want to switch my 15 month old Dane to adult food...

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  • I want to switch my 15 month old Dane to adult food...

    I am currently feeding her Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold and want to switch her to adult food. Fromm only has 2 kinds - Large Breed Adult Gold and Large Breed Heartland Gold (grain free).
    I would like to try her on a really good kibble that has a range of flavors, so she doesn't bore from the same kibble. Currently, I feed her kibble mixed with homemade chicken soup. (I boil a chicken, remove all bones, add veggies (no onions or garlic) and pour about a cup over her kibble.) When I don't have chicken soup, I cook a chicken and remove all bones and chop up some to add to her kibble. Other days, I chop up fresh chicken livers or hearts and add that to the kibble with 2 tablespoons of canned food mixed with water to make a gravy. She also gets chicken feet for a glucosamine snack, bully sticks and fresh fruit with a dollop of yogurt on occasion and beef liver treats as well. Any suggestions as to what brand of kibble I should switch to?

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    Fromms has more than 2 kinds of adult food. Check out their website. I currently feed my Dane either the Frommís Pork and Peas or the Beef Frittata.


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      Thank-you for the reply. I saw those types but they are not for large breed so I didn't think I should feed them to her.
      Also, I was told to make sure the first 3 ingredients were meat sources when I originally switched her to Fromm. Does that
      only apply to puppies?
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        It is advisable to have a food that has a named meat/meat meal source as the first 2-4 ingredients and that is for puppies and adults. The meat sources should out weigh the plant sources. The food also does not need to be large/giant breed. It just needs to be a good quality food
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