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Help! Dane’s anus keeps leaking and making a mess.

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  • Help! Dane’s anus keeps leaking and making a mess.

    My dog Lincoln (male, intact) is 18 months and we’ve had him on Fromm Heartland Gold since we got him with either pumpkin and/or Fortiflora added as a probiotic. A few months back we noticed his anal glands/anus would mark sheets, sofa etc. every now and then, but it has gotten progressively worse since then. He has always had soft poops and had to get his glands expressed manually as this was out initial reason for our vet visit. His butt smelled awful.

    We took him to the vet and were suggested to change up his diet as he may have an aversion to the multiple proteins in the Fromm food, specifically the red meat.They also prescribed an anti-diarrheal as we briefly had him on Orijen in between with absolute terrible results (diarrhea, vomiting). So we put him on Natural Balance limited ingredient chicken recipe with nothing added and cut out all treats except chicken based ones. Also tried honest kitchen’s perfect form.

    the issue has not gotten better. He hasn’t been vomiting or having super loose stools as often. But he still marks blankets and furniture with leakage and his poops still aren’t firm. Expressing his anal glands doesn’t help. The issue also gets worse when he gets particularly excited/anxious. All food so far has been grain free with the exception of what the breeder originally had him on (diamond naturals lamb recipe I believe).

    What can we do? Please help as we are so fed up.
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    He needs to be on a good food. The food needs to be switched slowly and he needs to stay on it at least 6 -8 weeks before determining it won't work. It takes at least that long for the system t adjust to a new food.. Was he checked for an anal gland infection? Pumpkin can firm stools but it is not a probiotic and depending on amount of pumpkin given depends on if it works for soft stools or for constipation. I would also look for a different probiotic. His food doesn't need to be a grain free it simply needs to be a good quality food that is not high in plant ingredients.(especially peas & lentils and potatoes, or corn, wheat, soy & glutens. ) I would discontinue the pumpkin at least for now. It sounds like he has had 5 food changes in a fairly short amount of time.. this keeps things in turmoil. Also be aware that over feeding causes sift stools/diarrhea.
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