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    I have a Great dane puppy.she is 8 weeks old and is on Diamond puppy food. I was told by other great Dane owners that they don't feed there puppy, puppy food that they have them on adult food. my question is do I switch her to adult food gradually and if so what kind of large breed adult food is good??

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    Feed a large breed puppy food.


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      She needs to be on a good quality food with calcium not over 1.5, phosphorous not over 1.0 lower on both is best.. Puppy food is perfectly fine as long as it is in the safe cal/phos levels. Many adult foods are no longer in safe levels.
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        Lucy is now 5 months and we always had issues with soft "cow patty" stools. I recently switched her to the Canidae ALS Multi Protein (I seen kahluadanes mention in another post) and she is already doing better! Her stools are pretty dang close to solid!!! I never thought I would be excited over poo! Lol....the 1 thing I did notice is this food does not contain DHA? How important is it and should I just add a supplement?
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