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What would be in this litter?

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  • What would be in this litter?

    Hello everyone! What would be the outcome from a fawn mantle and a merle mantle breeding be? I'm really curious if there would be a possibility of a mixed litter: solids (fawns and blacks), mantles and merles... TIA

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    First off this is NOT a breeding that should ever take place, it should never happen.. a fawn mantle is a mismark and should never ever be in a breeding program. Also no breeding even within acceptable colors should take place without complete health testing done on both parents and without meeting breed standards. DNA testing needs to be done on the merle mantle in order to find out what is behind it.. As far as colors go you could end up with a real mish mash of colors with lots of mismarks. In order to have a good answer to the question you would really need to know the colors behind both parents.
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      The outcome would be a litter of terribly bred dogs by a greedy idiot.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert