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What would you call the color of my puppy?

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  • What would you call the color of my puppy?

    Hello! I am curious what people's opinions of my puppy's coat are? Someone suggested a mismarked harlequin, but I found one on instagram who looks very similar that they called a "Heavily marked blue merle"? He is primarily black, with harlequin spots on all 4 legs, 2 of them have merle patches, and he has a patch of merle above his left eye, and in 3 places on his back. his belly and neck are white, coming up to a harlequin patch on his chin, and spreads to the back of his neck on one side that then turns to a merle patch on the back and top of his head.

    Also if anyone has any insight on eye color would be great too... Right now they are a beautiful greenish/ grey color and I doubt they will stay that way, but part of me hopes they do! Is it pretty likely that they will turn brown pretty soon?

    P.S. Both of my danes are mismarked, and I am kindof a fan of that myself, so please be kind in that regard. I am responsible and will not ever breed either of them.
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    In Danes it is simply "merle" not blue merle.. Hard to tell from the picture but it sounds like a heavy marked harle..(mismark)Harles usually have a patch to so of merle on them.. merle/harle are the same family. The eyes likely won't stay that color however in harles some do have light eyes but it isn't desirable..
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