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Dark Hairs on Fawnís Coat

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  • Dark Hairs on Fawnís Coat

    I have a 13 week old fawn Great Dane. He is not very darkly colored and is more lightly colored, however, his muzzle is black and goes up into his eyebrows. His forehead is more of a golden color and not so lightly colored. His ears are what Iím mostly concerned about. I donít know how to describe them, kind of golden brown? Not much fawn coloring on his ears at all. Iíve been told this is called soot? Is that correct and will he grow out of it? His ancestors on both mom and dadís sides were mostly fawn and some were brindle. He is purebred.

    He he also has hazel eyes. His breeder told me it was not uncommon, since his dad and grandpa had green/hazel eyes when they were puppies. Their eyes are now brown, and my boyís eyes are starting to go brown.

    One more question.. When we picked out my boy at 7 weeks and got him at 8 weeks, he had a lot of ďlip,Ē or in other terms, large jowls. Now he only has average sized jowls, and his head isnít just huge. Itís still big and he still has jowl, but will his head grow bigger and will his jowls grow too? His dadís jowls were average and his grandpaís jowls were really large. His momís weíre average, too.

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    The dark hairs lighten as they age usually. Depends on what's behind him genetically. The head does some changing as they mature. You won't be able to tell until he's mature how much jowl he will end up with.


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      Fawns typically come with the black mask, I think it is more uncommon to see them without the black mask. However it is a genetic trait, so it all depends on what the line carries. The sooty color of the ears may or may not go away. I have a very sooty fawn girl and her ears did not lighten up, but your pups may. Just depends again on genetics. His head, and lip will of course grow with age. He is only a pup right now, and before you know it you'll be asking yourself where your puppy went.
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