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What is my dane's color??

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  • What is my dane's color??

    The closest I can guess is that he is a fawnequin although his pattern seems to be more mantle(ish) with merle spotting. My girlfriend got the dog as a bit of a rescue (accidental breeding) situation. So knowing he is not from a typical breeder I can't verify that the mother and sire were a safe breeding genetically speaking. I know certain crosses tend to be more risky from my novice reading. From what I can tell the sire was a merle/merle-mantle. I'm not as certain about the mother. The litter was mostly typical looking merles, a few what appear to be merlequines (white with grey/black merle patches), and this little oddball with the most crystal blue eyes you've ever seen. He was the only in the litter that was this color and the only with blue eyes. We'll love him regardless but my girl friend is a bit worried now after I attempted to explain about the certain risky crosses and the potential for hearing/vision issues. We have an appointment scheduled with out vet in a few days to get him looked over but I just wanted to check with more knowledgeable people than myself in the mean time to see if he has a look/patterning that should raise concerns. From my unscientific testing he seems to be able to hear and see just fine. Also wondering if it possible that he will keep his baby blues at least to an extent. Ideally we are hoping he turns out similar to the other dog I attached. Cheers.

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    He looks like a fawniquin. Genetically there shouldn't be any problems with sight or hearing (those occur in double merle dogs that are mostly white). However, if he came from a poor breeding (an "oops") litter, the parents might not have been the best candidates for breeding. They probably weren't health tested, and weren't chosen to complement each other structurally, so you may still run into health problems down the line. Health insurance is a great thing for ALL new Dane owners to have, but especially for pups who maybe didn't come from the best breeding. This is a very knowledgeable forum. Welcome! What is your pup's name?

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      I also say fawniquin...And second what emeko said.
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        I'm gonna guess Mantle Fawn Merle or Fawn Merlequin, only because the Fawn splotches have darker fawn splotches, and I think pure fawn would not have those darker spots therefore some type of fawn merle.
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          No advice as I am a new Dane owner myself but our vet highly suggested pet insurance for our Duke and or for any Dane.


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            Fawn merle mantle but agree with everything else Emeko said