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  • Members-IMPORTANT-please read

    If you are approached by PM or email thru this forum by folks offering to sell you a puppy, please contact me immediately.

    Puppy sales and breeder referrals are strictly prohibited.

    To the folks that come here strictly to lurk and market your litters, be warned. When you are caught, and you will be caught, you will be banned permanently.

    Moron, emailing ME to see if I want to buy a puppy. STOOPID!
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    sorry - but that is pretty dumb.
    Last edited by silentskream; 02-22-2011, 01:24 PM. Reason: what a jerk
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      Its not a laughing matter, but in this particular situation


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        I had to delete my post, I didn't occur to me some lowlife read your post!! That's even more than stupid - heartless actually.
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          Oh geez, Deb, I'm sorry that happened... Sucky timing...
          People are jerks
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            OMGosh, how callous is that????
            Im sure he saw your recent posting and thought it would be a good opportunity to pawn off a pup on a grieving heart!

            Unbelieveable what some people will stoop too!

            I think there should be a website to post about stupid/bad breeders.
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              Seriously, omg. I did not get any, Deb. If I do, I will let you know!! Jeez.
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                How cold hearted! People will do anything to get a little cash. If this ever happens to me I will let you ASAP.
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                  Oh man, I didnt even think of the why....I was just thinking they were randomly picking people and happened to pick the mod!


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                    Let me rephrase myself it just hit me to. The idiots are still running rampant today.
                    Last edited by Dickie Best; 02-22-2011, 10:03 PM.


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                        Just a novice question on this subject.... how do we get referred to breeders then? I was actually hoping to find someone here to help me find a good quality puppy.



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                          Read the puppy buying links on this forum.

                          Go to local AKC dog shows (you can go to and or similar sites and search for dog shows in your state/area), meet and talk to people who are showing their dogs. Specifically, if you want to meet a lot of Great Dane breeders/people, check out a Great Dane specialty show.

                          Check out your local Great Dane club (do a google search) and look into the members and breeders that are recommended there.

                          Research, research, research. Then, when you think you've found a good breeder or two, research some more.
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                            Thanks! I sure have discovered there are LOTS of informative articles right here!!! It's actually kind of exciting looking at the different dogs. Can I assume because is is "special"ty that a specialty show is just great danes? Do those links list those shows as I would LOVE to go to one of those. I did check out infodog it was a big confusing to me.. Is there a thread on here that will explain dog shows a bit better? Sorry I have so many questions...



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                              Originally posted by warmbloods1
                              Just a novice question on this subject.... how do we get referred to breeders then? I was actually hoping to find someone here to help me find a good quality puppy.
                              For the most part, and please someone correct me if I word this incorrectly, DOL is the best place to come to if you're looking to buy a dane puppy... just not for the purchase portion of getting a dane... the MOST important part of getting one... is learning anything and everything there is to learn about every aspect of Great Danes, Dogs in general, ethical breeders in general, pet nutrition in general, dane behavior and temperment, responsibilitities you assume by owning a dog this size, accepting training responsibilities and/or financial requirements if youre not prepare to train on your own, preparing your actual HOME for a 100+ lb dog inside full time, dane specific nutrition, dane specific health risks and assumed liabilities you take on when you opwn a great dane, learning all the ethical liabilities you have to the breed by not allowing a dane of yours to reproduce all willie nillie, ins and outs of vaccinations for dogs and danes spedifically, showing, colors, dane anatomy and possible defects...

                              ALLLLL these things and way more are t6he very first step in getti8ng your dane... once you've learned that stuff by talking to all the right people and getting all the right answers to the quesdtions you have, by that point... selecting a breeder won't be something you'll even have to be "Lurking" or Searching for... All of these resources... they're all here... and the sum of these learned things will also give you the lesson of knowing who and where to get a great dane from... by educating yourself on ev ery aspect of the great dane community and familiaizing yourself with it it.... you'll become part of the community and finding a breeder at THAT POINT just happens...

                              its when you try to find a breeder WITHOUT doing the legwork above (and much more Im sure I missed) that you'll end up inadvertantly buying from a BYB... and having to learn after the fact, by way of then needing to learn to fix problems you'll have froma BYB dog...

                              better to learn first, then buy... instead of buying and then having to learn what yopu bought later...

                              just my opinion though
                              - Chris
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