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    Okay, I came across this website awhile back that they said that they normally don't have but maybe 2 litter a year, but is was fortunate that they had two on the ground at the same time. Well I came across it again. This time they have a TOTAL of 4 litters. BIG TIME BYB I added all the prices of the puppies that they have. It came to a total of 41,100

    They don't test, they don't show. For someone that makes this kind of money, shouldn't the IRS be involved?
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    There is one like that in Idaho. They have another litter due this week and had 2 litters in May and I believe another earlier in the year. It makes me crazy.
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      That's more than I make in a year working my butt off (well, I wish a large portion of my butt would disappear). Do they have a lot of dogs or is the same girl having pups every heat? Poor things. Now I'm wondering. How many times should the same girl be bred and how many heats between pregnancies, or is it normal to breed the very next heat?
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        Unfortunately, there are plenty of these types around. They found a market and have no qualms being the supplier.
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