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  • Why did you buy from a byb

    Hi just curious why anyone has bought a pup from a back yard breeder?I bought a dobie from a byb after my female dobie died of lymphoma i was so devastated i needed a dobie now.I found my new boy in two days from a byb who charged me one thousand dollars which was a price for a show pup at the time.I lost my boy before he was even five to dcm i learned my lesson the hard reason was grief but i am sure you all have interesting stories to tell??

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    There were two reasons. One - I knew I only wanted a pet, so a show breeder wasn't necessary & 2 I didn't know better. My two BYB bred dogs were purchased after having show quality dogs (Pyrs, Newfs and a Dane) so I did know where to get a quality dog, just never dawned on me that it mattered for pets.

    The internet has helped to see the error of my ways.


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      I bought my first Dane from a breeder in Southern Georgia, who I didn't think was a BYB, more of a hobby breeder. I had waited 10 years for my first dane, had done all the research. Had visited some quality breeders like Sheenwater and Legacy. I was even on a waiting list for Legacy puppy, but the breeding didn't take. A friend told me about this breeder in S Georgia who had puppies, so I ran out and bought the last male.

      He wound up never maturing to what I expected. He was small at 31" and 110 lbs. He started experiencing neurological side effects, due to a trauma at about 4. After some pred and a few specialists he got back to himself, just in time to bloat and ultimately be put down due to torsion.

      He cost as much as the quality breeders were charging, as well. I also learned my lesson the hard way, even though I knew better, I just became impatient.

      Since then my last two Danes have been well thought out purchases. I even almost walked away from Kava. My wife wanted her and I said no. After several weeks, we called the breeder to see if she was still available and the rest is history.
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        I too learned the lesson of purebred dogs the hard way. I wanted a dane and looked in the newspaper. It was that easy. I paid $300 for a fawn male. He was the begining of so much learning...
        Leo was (according to his papers) four months old when I got him but he looked like a 10 week old pup. I took him to a different vet for a second opinion. The other shady thing ( and of course I would NEVER do this again, knowing what I know now) was I met her at a Hardee's restaurant. She sold me on the "it'll save you two hours driving if I meet you there", I was driving four hours one way to go get him. Once I got there, she told me she "forgot" his paperwork. We all know that ALL puppies are adorable and I wanted him more than anything so I said drop them in the mail. I was on my way home.
        The health issue were immense. First was cherry eye, first in one eye and about a week later the other eye. When we took him in to have his eyes fixed, the vet told us that he had two undescended testicles. We had him neutered at the same time. About a month after that he started "wobbling" really bad. He couldn't even stand up to poop, he would squat and then fall over in it.
        Back to the vet...He had xrays and the vet told us that his hips were AWFUL. One was completely dislocated. He also suspected that he had a heart problem. We euthanized him before he came out of the anesthetic. Now the paperwork finally came back and *WOW* there is a total stranger listed as the "breeder" from a totally different state! I called the AKC and got totally insulted, they even mailed me a pamphlet "How to buy a purebred dog" (like by now I don't know???)
        I DID manage to get contact info for the "breeder" listed on the papers. I called. I told her that she was the "breeder" of my dog and he is racking up thousands in medical bills. I told her I wanted HER to pay the bill. She said the best she could do was a "replacement" puppy. Can you believe it? This woman (who was in Utah at the time) is now in AZ and is going to give me a replacement puppy. Me being a dumb kid and wanting another dane more than ANYTHING - I agreed and she bred a litter for my replacement. There were two pups. I picked mine and when they were 8 weeks she got in her truck and drove him ALL THE WAY to Ia.
        Enter Ripley...
        Rip is the other end of the spectrum. Where Leo was loving and sweet, Rip is dominant and ONLY loves me. He has to wear a muzzle in public and is totally freaked out by strangers.
        I told this new "breeder" about all the issues with the other puppy that she produced and her answer was "I am not breeding fawn/brindle anymore" <sigh>
        After Rip, his mother was bit by a snake and died in the desert. I think she ONLY breeds blues now, out of a dog she had imported from Germany.

        She actually emailed me and wanted to use Rip's picture on her website. I told her "sure if you are TOTALLY honest about his temperment"
        I haven't heard back from her.
        BTW- She sold me Ripley with FULL registration. He is neutered...

        If I had to answer the subject question in one sentence,

        I bought from a BYB because I was impatient and didn't have alot of money at the time.


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          I bought from what was essentially a hobby breeder. She breeds and shows horses and bred two litters from her pair of danes. At the time, I did not have all the information I have now. I did not realize the amount of health concerns that came with lack of health testing. I found DOL a week or so after I purchased Faust. Now, granted I did not pay for him what I would have paid for a pet quality pup from a reputable breeder, but at the time I had no Idea. I thought that reputable breeders who showed their dogs were charging in the 2000.00s for pups.

          My first experience with what I thought was a reputable breeder ended up in my first rescue. I went out to a kennel in Valdosta, GA to buy a Great Dane puppy by a breeder that shows and finished her dogs. I got out there and the place was disgusting. I could smell it from 300ft away and the facilities were pure filth. I had also know previous to going out there they were "rehoming" adults. Once I got out there and saw what I was dealing with I immediately asked to see the adults they were rehoming. She brough out Zeke, later renamed to Duke, and he was 3 years old and give or take 70lbs. I could see every bone on his body and he was filthy. I immediately changed my mind and took him. He was a small dane and only 30in at the shoulders. They mentioned in pride they had many Danes there as they did not only breed they showed them as well. I got his papers and his dad was a no name I think but his mother was a brindle champion. It just seemed they had stoped feeding him. Needless to say, this left a really sour taste in my mouth in regards to bigger breeders. I first hand know that not everyone who shows takes care of their animals they are not currently showing or about to make money off of. It is not until I came here that I got to read posts from people like Carolyn and other breeders who not only show and breed their dogs but truly love them and take care of them all. To me it felt like once they stoped being useful they stoped being cared for until I came here.

          Is this a decision I would make again, No. Do I already have plans for my next pup, yes. I will be getting a pet quality pup from a reputable breeder who shows. I am lucky to be in touch with the Great Dane club in my area and they have a wealth of great breeders. I was previously considering getting into showing, but the more people I meet and people I talk to that have been in the show ring I decided that is not the thing for me. It seemed liked too much politics and as I never intend to breed there really is not reason for it.

          Do I believe that Faust will be riddled with health problems and his eyeballs will spontaneously impolde, No. I am aware tho that his health is up to chance more so than a pup that had come from a line of Danes that had all been health tested and cleared. At this point, I can count on two things, luck and information. I can do everything possible to prevent health issues from occuring and then leave the rest to chance. Agian, not a situation I ever want to be in again. I know that him being in my life has made me much more neurotic than I would have been with the purchase from a reputable breeder. I am searching him daily for any possible problems or start of problems. He is still young and I am holding my breath.


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            My first Great Dane was from a BYB no doubt, now after I reflect on it 12 years ago...I was raised with danes at home as family dogs, and my parents rescued all of them, so we nor I had ever had experience working with a breeder, so I really did not have that many resources...and 12 years ago there was not information available at my fingertips like it is now.

            I was in my first year of college, living on my own, and had experienced a very traumatic situation and I honestly wanted a dog to keep me company and to keep people away from my home. So I opened up the local paper on a Friday and brought home a black great dane puppy by 10 that night...Julian was the best dog. He lived 10 years and he had to be let go due to cancer. I was extremely fortunate that he did not have issues other than his cancer.

            But while I had him, I learned alot about byb because I became more involved with the world of dogs and I became educated and was asking questions, and was able to find more research. I had very shortly after I got him, met someone that new my dog was a GD and they inquired where I got him, I told them and they told me what a horrible byb she was, and i was able to piece everything together and see through the loopholes and coverups that I had may not realized unless I witnessed it firsthand.

            I think that someone that has limited knowledge of dogs and very little exposure would not even know the right questions to ask most of the time. Also the use of AKC, CKC, ect is used so loosly, and people feel that it is a stamp of approval when someone reads those acronyms.
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              I bought from a backyard breeder because I thought it was good enough... I asked all the questions, but I thought 7 out of 10 answers was enough. She didn't show and I thought that was ok because I only wanted a pet. She didn't health test, and I didn't understand the importance of it. We got along and I thought she was a great person. I found her before she bred the dogs and put a deposit down, I knew not to buy from a litter on the ground from the newspaper, I thought I was doing good.. She shared my beliefs on cropping and food. The litter was small and mom ended up ridden with mange. I did the research and could have walked away.. maybe should have. But I was in love and prepared to take care of him better than anyone, even if he was sick.

              We've spent close to $6000 on him so far and he is only 16 months. I love him and wouldn't change a thing, but going to the vet every week for something is tiring and emotionally draining. I have learnt my lesson and next time will find a fantastic breeder than answers 10 out of 10 questions correctly. Next time I won't let anything slide.
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                Same story here. Didn't know the difference. Growing up the oldest of 5 children on limited incomes,having a pet to feed was out of the question.My only experience was through family and friends and I never heard anyone talk about breeders one way or the other. Raising my girls we had two mixed dogs which both ended up with us as strays. My OH had a Dane as a young boy and always had fond memories of him. As my girls left home and we were empty nesters he would mention every so often of getting a Great Dane and me saying, no I don't think so, they're just too big. Then last July on his way home from the job site there was a sign in the yard."Great Dane Puppies" Well, the look on his face and the tone of his voice when he was telling me about it I said go ahead and call them and see if they have a male and if they do we'll just go look at them.
                (yeah..right) They had 1 male left and they were 7 weeks old. So we get there and I'm expecting these little 7 week old puppies. They were huge!!
                The breeders are an older couple with just the parents,no registration,Dad is a beautiful Brindle, Mom is Fawn, if memory serves me correctly I think they were both 4 or 5 years old. They said this was their last litter.I didn't know any better, I was just looking to make sure the living conditions were clean, the pups were clean, that the parents looked healthy and were friendly.
                Which everything was super clean and the parents were big face lickers.
                I never wanted a Dane but I fell instantly in love with that BIG 7 week old puppy,said yes we'll take him,paid my $300.00 and made arrangements to pick him up the next evening. The OH was grinning from ear to ear all the way home. Rosco turned a year old on May 18th and so far no health problems. I'm so grateful that I found this site because now that I know the difference I (along with Faust's mom) can at least maybe be ahead of any problems thanks to all the wonderful knowledge that all of you offer.
                As Oprah says..once you KNOW better than you DO better. My plan is to do rescue when I add to my Dane family ( yes,now I'm hooked!!!) but if I were going to get a puppy I would do it the right way the next time. And I will give the best info to anyone I meet on not buying from BYB and why.


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                  Just wanted to chime in and say this is a great thread. Can it be stickied?
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                    My first greatdane "Rowjay" I think was from a byb.. I prob had no business buying a greatdane at the time, but i did.. the breader didn't even ask me if I knew anything about greatdanes, which i did not...anyhow.. tons of health problems.. skin, growth, i fed him the wrong protein level and his joits swelled up... had no idea, byb just wanted $$.. I still have the handsom fellow.. he is 12 and has lost the ability to walk in the back end a few years ago, but still manages...( with a cart and me!!) I love this boy! and cherish every day with him.. he still loves life, Thank god i found this site rowjay bloated at 10 and if it wasn't for this website i would have never have know the symptoms...

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                      My Zeus is a backyard bred Dane, complete with CKC papers! I bought him from a flea market on a whim in 2001. We just happened to walk through the pet section, and there was 9-week-old Zeus in a crate with 2 of his sisters. I immediately fell in love with him and couldn't leave him there. The "breeder" was asking $250 for him. I only had $200 on me. She took it, and I took him home.

                      I've been pretty lucky so far with him. His temperament is a little off and he bloated and torsioned in 2005, but he'll be turning 8 in August and he's still pretty darn healthy, thank goodness.

                      My next Dane will either be a rescue or come from a reputable breeder.
                      RIP my sweet Zeus Boy. I'll always love you. 08/28/01 - 08/23/11
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                        From earliest memory we always picked from the pound, found, or acquired retired security dogs.

                        My first breeder-bought dog ever was Joey (JRT, now 13yrs). In our opinion we did a fine job. We read books about the breed for almost a year and called/visited at least 12 people from the newspaper before making final decision. Our only "standards" besides observing the pups were parental temperment and must have been reared indoors. We paid 350.00 for him. This amount seemed obscene to me and the guilt made me lie to my grandmother and I told her 50 bucks. Yup, breeder byb.

                        Dakota second byb pup. Me and the DP talked about owning a dane for about a year. One of my clients told me about this litter and I ran home to tell the DP and we thought it was a sign from God!!! LOL! Well you know we scheduled a visit when the pups turned 2 weeks old. Good thing because at 2 weeks was the cleanest the pups were until we took her home and washed the "mill" off.
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                          My golden retriever came from BYB, and the reason for buying from BYB was luck of knowledge. My first dog was a show dog, but it was in a different country - and I had no idea that AKC registration doesn't really mean anything. I didn't plan to show her, so I wasn't looking for top-standard, but I though if dog is registered with AKC as golden retriever, it should at least look like a golden retriever. Turns out I was wrong about that.
                          But of course I still love her no matter how she looks; and she has a great temperament. About health - I guess the amount of money I spent on the vet bills for the first year was about the same I spent on my dane, from show breeder. And none of those issues in both dogs were genetic or something I could avoid by choosing better breeders.


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                            Our first Breeze was from a BYB. Didn't know any better. We were lucky with her health wise, lived to be 8 l/2. Bloated about 6 months prior and then was put down as had arthritis in her spine so bad could hardly walk. Had it before the bloat and I think the stress of the bloat made it worse. Second Harley, was bred with a stud of the person we got her from. She was left with the stud owner after the puppies were born and sold and the owner didn't want her back. I think she was bred many times as her tits hung quite a bit. We had her immediately spayed and later had to have her 2 front tits removed, as she kept catching them on the bushes in our backyard at the time. She was 2 l/2 when we got her. She was a very good girl loved everyone, but bloated and passed just shy of 4 years. Again we didn't know any better. Then Jesse. We were so missing Harley and it was lonely in the house. Saw an ad in the paper for her. Free to good home. Jumped right in again. She was 4 years already and we were her third home. Breeder that had her (which later realized was a BYB after finding DOL) had gone to Miami to get her from a divorce situation and was going to breed her. Changed her mind and put her in the paper. She was great with people and kids, and very loving to us, but dog agressive which we were told only certain dogs (Lie, she didn't like any dogs). No health problems until the bone cancer in 2007. She would have been 9 in 3 months when she died. And Rocky was adopted from the Animal Shelter and is definitely a BYB. So far about $3,000.00 (includes shots, vet visits) in vet bills. But $600.00 of that was his plexie. So I don't really count that. And his teeth needed to be done because of his misaligned jaw. Has had some acne that took forever to clear up and some yeast in his ears. But wouldn't trade him for anything. As far as his health in the future, guess it's a crap shoot, like anything in life. Don't know his real age for sure, but going by the 18 months to 2 years the vet said when we got him, he is about 3 years and a half. Hoping for a long life for him.

                            So I guess you can call us 3 time losers in the BYB Department,as far as not knowing. We knew Rocky was BYB. But, we have learned. Now, if we were ever looking for a puppy we would be doing lots of research.
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                              Originally posted by IM123 View Post
                              My golden retriever came from BYB, and the reason for buying from BYB was luck of knowledge. My first dog was a show dog, but it was in a different country - and I had no idea that AKC registration doesn't really mean anything. I didn't plan to show her, so I wasn't looking for top-standard, but I though if dog is registered with AKC as golden retriever, it should at least look like a golden retriever. Turns out I was wrong about that.
                              But of course I still love her no matter how she looks; and she has a great temperament. About health - I guess the amount of money I spent on the vet bills for the first year was about the same I spent on my dane, from show breeder. And none of those issues in both dogs were genetic or something I could avoid by choosing better breeders.

                              Isn't it terrible how MANY people believe this? I too thought that the AKC "papers" meant something. I sure felt dumb after the fact. It's something I like to point out to people who tell me that is the reason they want to breed. Because their dogs have "papers". I tell them it's the same as the registration on your car.

                              You can register a Corvette and a Chevette both cars with "registration papers" but two VERY DIFFERENT CARS just the same...