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Can Great Danes Live Outside??

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  • Can Great Danes Live Outside??

    I want to aquire a great dane, but my family members are allergic to dogs. Is it acceptable to have them as outside pets?? (living in a heated environment in the winters, of course) Thanks!
    B. Ellis

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    RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

    No. They have neither the necessary physical nor the emotional/psychological capabilities.


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      RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

      They do o.k. outside depending in what part of the country you live in. In the northern states, no, as it's too cold in the winter. If family members are allergic to dogs would they also be if they came in contact with them outside?


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        RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

        I don't think it is a good idea. You might want to look into a dog that isn't so clingy, because Great Danes love being with there Family. I can't imagine one living HAPPILY outside it's whole life.


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          RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

          >They do o.k. outside depending in what part of the country
          >you live in. In the northern states, no, as it's too cold
          >in the winter. If family members are allergic to dogs would
          >they also be if they came in contact with them outside?

          They really don't do well outside, period, no matter how warm it is--if that were the only issue, then those of us in the northern states could just get heated doghouses.

          Danes are intensely people-oriented. If relegated outside they would feel rejected and become depressed and probably become destructive. It's just not good for them in any way.

          There's also the consideration that no good breeder will sell a puppy that is going to be left outside for any length of time. If one buys from a breeder who will allow an outside dog, you've instantly got two strikes against you--a dog who is not from a good breeder and a dog who cannot form the close attachment to humans it desperately needs.

          Joanna Kimball


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            Joanna hit the nail right on the head. Great post, BTW. Also, I might add that along with agreeing with all that Joanna said, you should also consider what bored, rejected, and desperate animals do when left to their own devices. Danes in particular MUST be with their human family. Just as the sporting breeds are physically needy (in terms of exercise, etc) Great Danes are more emotionally needy. In other words. . . ya just might come home to find that your dog has decided to tear the siding off your house in your absence. But seriously, the answer is an unqualified, resounding absolutely not. If you would be happy with an outside dog, then a dane is not the right breed for you. Not just because the dog will be unhappy, but because you would be eternally unhappy with a breed so unsuited to your wants/expectations. With all due respect, please take the advice of the people from this list. I have learned so much from them and they really do know what they're talking about. You would do much better to choose another breed of dog. . . or possibly not have a dog in the first place because of the allergy situation. Amanda


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              RE: Bravo!

              i wouldnt recommend having a dane outside. in fact, after having kash, my freind who only has outside dogs, asked me for the breeder, cause she wanted one, and i refused to give it to her, due to the lack of support from her father, and because they dont want inside dogs.

              i dont think it would do you or the dog any good. probably more trouble than its worth. i mean, if its outside, your not going to get to see the good side of the dog all the time, your gonna come home to ruined walls, fences, holes, etc.

              maybe you should look into a less attatched breed, like maybe a sheep dog, they are very outsidish. and at that, i would get two, so they have each other-preventing boredom perhaps?


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                RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                Thanks for the responses.. Although I think your arguments are well founded, I had the opporitunity to visit a wonderful great dane that lives outside in a northern state this evening. He's a beautiful harlequin, and he seemed perfectly content to me. He was very social, and approachable, and even around a large group of unfamiliar children, seemed to be at ease. He obeyed all commands that he was given, and never even seemed to hesitate. I appreciate all of your comments about how danes fare out of doors, but I tend to think that several of your responses are a bit biased as a result of the deep connection that no doubt exists between owner and animal. When i say Live outside, I dont mean i am going to invest in a dane and leave it to itself - rather, i mean it will sleep out of doors, and from time to time be in a run (of one acre)..
                Again.. thanks for the commments!


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                  RE: Bravo!

                  Snauzers (sp) are a good allergic free dog. They don't shed and come in varies sized. If you are looking for a large dog, they do come in extra large. My FIL has had them and he has allergies to everything. He lives great with these dogs. Just a suggestion.



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                    RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                    Well said Joanna...I couldn't agree with you more. While there are days that Annabelle would stay out side all day there are more when she just wants to do her business and come back inside to watch Animal Planet or the Ugly Dachshund. Danes are so emotionally needy. Not that I mind, I love having her lean on me and snuggle with me.

                    IMHO I can't see getting a dog and calling it a pet when he/she is religated to a fenced area without human companionship. Am I a little off the deep end with my pets. You betcha, it's not unusual to find 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 kid and hubby and I crammed into a king size bed during a noisey thunderstorm.

                    Jacquie and Annabelle ( mama quit stealing the covers)


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                      RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                      Hi Par,

                      Well, I know it's not what you want to hear, but I agree with everyone else, a Dane is an indoor dog. I'd suggest that you go to a bookstore and read through the books on Great Danes. Almost every Dane book that I've looked through states that they are an indoor dog that needs to integrate with the family.

                      Also, check these out:


                      Indoor Life:

                      Danes especially need to be kept indoors as family members. They will be unhappy living a solitary life as an outdoor dog as they are gregarious and need to interact with people. Another consideration is their thin skin and short fur. Danes have short hair coats, which make for great discomfort in warm climates due to insect bites and sunburn, and cold intolerance in temperate and cooler regions.


                      Considered an indoor animal, Great Danes should not be kenneled.


                      A Dane is an ideal pet for the family wanting a large, indoor dog. Danes are very much “people” dogs and will want to be an integral part of your household.


                      The key thing to remember about a Dane is that they love to be with their families. Great Dane Rescue of Houston will only adopt to indoor homes because of this.


                      They are very affectionate, and are most content when with their families. This is an "indoor" breed, preferably on their own couch!


                      Also, because of its short coat, the Great Dane does best as an indoor dog and should never be left outside for long periods of time in either very hot or very cold weather. Most Danes, in fact, prefer the indoors since they thrive on human companionship and, if left alone too much, could develop behavioral problems.



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                        RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                        LOL, im still laughing about the thunderstorms. kash and i run to my bed, and jump under the covers, and stay there until it gets quiet! ! but since no one else in my family really likes kashs droooling they stay away:*


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                          RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                          Nice! Very Nice Helen!

                          Excellent articles why danes should always be considered indoor family members. Properly bred and reared, it seems that danes are more suited for indoor personal companionship, rather than being outdoor kenneled animals, with limited exposure to the family.


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                            RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                            There are plenty of prescription allergy meds out there now that take care of pet allergies, anyway. If family members are allergic to dogs, then that means that those family members wouldn't be able to pay it any kind of attention, and that would make one miserable dog.

                            I know of two great danes that are outside 100% of the time.....when you see them with no one around, they are the saddest, most depressed looking animals ever. Of course, they are content and happy when there is a human around...just like the one you saw Par. But for 22 hours of a 24 hour day, those danes are pitiful! If you really LOVE danes, then please don't get one! Get a dog that is built to live outdoors and doesn't need the constant human companionship that danes need....maybe a husky or something comparable...with the fur to keep it warm in cold weather. Of course, then there is the hot summer months when you have to worry about keeping the dog cool. Anyway, if you want an outside dog, then the answer is simple....danes are not outside dogs, and therefore are NOT the breed for YOU.
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                              RE: Can Great Danes Live Outside??

                              Just my opinion - but either you ARE allergic or you are not!
                              Try getting rid of curtains, thick carpets etc. Get a Hepa-Filter Vac.
                              More often folks are allergic against cats. Other than that it usually is the pets dandruff. Some of the pet suppliers offer stuff that may help pet allergies .. not sure if they work as I've never had to try them. My dander usually gets up more over people that keep dogs, and esp GD's outside... what's the point of having a dog if it's not with you? GD's are couch potatoes - sure, they can be kept outside for a while, but then it's back in an snuggle up to their family.
                              You may want to check into poodles, min-to king, they're reputed to cause less of an allergy reaction.
                              The harle you commented on - how long per day is he/she outside? And sleep outside? Naw, sorry! How old is he/she? Kept away from a family long enough they may well change with age and be not so welcoming of company and kids.
                              If your heart is set on a GD, surely you'll find one from a breeder that doesn't care where their pups wind up. A decent rescue would not give you a dog. But reading your last post, oh well, rescues will just scoot over and make room for another one or two eventually.