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How 2 Buy a Puppy...a personal opinion.

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    It's really not necessary to post the same question in several different threads.

    where do people go who cannot afford $1000?
    In reality, that's about the average price for a pet dane. I guess if a person really wants a quality dane puppy from a responsible breeder, along with all the perks, they save up until they have the purchase price. They can also consider rescue. Unfortunately, when considering this breed, you also have to also take into account that the costs for general care are also much higher than smaller dogs. If the purchase price is a concern financially, they may want to consider a different breed.
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      One breeders opinion on what they produce ( shameful i think )

      The following has been taken from a breeders direct email about some pups he is trying to sell. I contacted him , and asked tons of questions...but all i got was this response below. He breeds and sells pups and does not care about what happens to them after 48 hours. He thinks that a hefty price will make others think his are quality...( what a joke ). I feel so sorry for all the buyers who bought them.

      My guarantee only covers communicable diseases within the first 48 hours. I sell all of my puppies as pet quality only. I do not claim that they are show quality or breeder quality. I do tell people that if they want to show the dog, they have the dog to show. If they want to breed the dog, they have the dog to breed. I do not sell any dogs higher than pet quality. You can clearly see, based on the parents and the puppies, that I have quality dogs even more so than a lot of people out there. I had X puppy listed at $3300 in the beginning. His price is lower as with all of the remaining dogs that I have because I am selling them as they are. I would cover up to $250 of communicable disease issues if any of my dogs go to their new owner sick. However, that will never happen because I will not ship out a sick dog. I would not cover any other issues due to the fact of me lowering their price. I am telling everyone the exact same thing. X puppy can see and he can hear. That is my guarantee on X puppy not the amount of vision he may or may not have based off of a digital test or vets opinion. He plays just fine with the other puppies, use and toys

      :All I can do to ensure buyers is to be upfront and honest throughout the process. For as long as you have been communicating with me. I have been honest, upfront, and to the point. It is very clear to see that my puppies and adults are well taken care of. I take very good, straight forward pictures, different angles, to give as much detail as possible. As much as I would like to give a longer guarantee, there is just too many things that could go wrong just based off of the new owner. I have turned down buyers even from this litter and I am currently thinking about turning down another one I have been talking too. I am a person that likes things to go smooth and for everyone to be happy and once I get to a certain point of uncomfort with anyone, they will have to change their email and name in order to purchase a puppy from me. I am willing to put the quality and health of my puppies against any out there. I am very sure you could go on X site right now and open at least 100 hundred posting that could not even compare to what I have and how I have raised them. I am not into this as much some people. I have never one to join clubs or groups because I have a similarity to such things. I have what I have, I offer what I offer. The rest is up to the buyer.


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        I would never buy from such a person, safe fact is at least he is upfront about it rather than write out a health contract that fails to cover anything.
        It wouldn't matter what his dogs look like, I wouldn't trust him to sell a healthy pup, funny thing it's sounds like a response I've seen before.
        Love how if he sells you a sick dog he'll only cover 250 of a problem he knows he's at fault for. What happens if bill is 1000 dollars?