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Great Dane advice with small kids

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  • Great Dane advice with small kids

    My family and I are looking for a Great Dane in a rescue. We keep hitting red tape due to our four children ages 13, 9, 8, and 3 1/2. Several shelters say they will not adopt to a family with kids under the age of six. Is this based in true necessity, or is this just to cover their liability issues? In other words are Great Danes dangerous to toddlers? We really want to get a big dog, but I was raised with small dogs so I really donít have a lot of experience with bigger breeds.

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    yes, this is definitely a stumbling block in many giant breed rescues. generally speaking, danes aren't dangerous in the sense that they are vicious/aggressive. it's more the fact that they are so big, knocking a toddler down for them is like swatting a fly for us adults.

    where are you located?