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  • Please help before purchasing puppy


    I am looking for a Great Dane puppy. We previously had a Great Dane and lost her just days after her fourth birthday. She suffered from Addison's disease and passed away from heart/lung failure. I thought I had done proper research into the breeder, but clearly I had much more to learn.

    I have found a litter that I am very interested in. I would love reassurance that I am not missing anything on these puppies.

    They have had testing done and have a CHIC number for both of the parents. Test results:
    Dam: Fawn
    Cardiac- normal-practitioner
    Thyroid- Normal
    Eyes- Normal
    CHIC qualified and number provided
    Pennhip (LDI=.11 and RDI=.14)

    Sire: Blue Brindle
    Cardiac- normal practitioner
    CHIC qualified and number provided
    Pennhip (LDI=.17 and RDI =.42)

    Please give me any positives, negatives, etc.

    Thank you and I greatly appreciate it.

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    You may want to read this thread:
    It looks like Blue Brindle is not an acceptable color to use for breeding. Does the breeder show in conformation? I would do a bit more to get educated before buying. CHIC means that the breeder has had the dogs tested...does not mean that they have good scores for the tests.


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      The instant red flag for me is the Blue Brindle coloring. This breeder doesn't follow the color code of ethics for Dane breeding. Find a breeder who shows their dogs to their championship, does this health testing (Chic or OFFA), guarantees they will take the dog back if anything ever happens, and follows the GDCA's color code, waits until the puppy is over 8 weeks old to go home with new family, and has AKC registration.Honestly, there's more to it than this, but these are basics.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert


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        I second what Sparrow said.. the use of a blue brindle in a breeding program is a red flag. A truly responsible breeder will adhere to the color code... it isn't enough to just do health testing and get a CHIC #... a responsible breeder will breed to the entire package.. health, longevity, breed standard (including color code), conformation, temperament..
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          Steer clear, this isn't a reputable breeder. I have seen good breeders who use fawn dogs in a blue breeding program on rare occasions to integrate a very specific desired trait (better head, better front, etc) but they also use genetic color testing afterwards to assure they are reducing the chance of passing along undesirable coloration. Blue brindles are never used in a reputable breeding program and if they are produced they should be placed in a pet home and neutered when age appropriate. A CHIC number does not automatically guarantee that they are reputable or that the dog passed the testing...if all the testing is complete they are assigned a number.