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10 week old at 15 lbs?

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  • 10 week old at 15 lbs?

    Hey! I am new here, but have been a Dane lover for as long as I can remember.

    I am finally picking my puppy up in 11 days, but the breeder told me yesterday that he is only 15 lbs at 10 weeks. I know his birth day for sure, and she is a reputable breeder from the research I've done and the referrals I've spoken too.

    I know this is small - but is it too small? he got checked at the vet when he was getting his 8 week needles and they said he is healthy, but im worried about him being so light. He is the second smallest in the litter.

    He looks healthy in his pictures, no ribs or spine poking out.

    What do you think, am I being over anxious (it's known to happen haha)


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    I canít quite recall but from what I remember mine was about 30# at 8 weeks.


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      Usually at least 15 -30 # at 8 weeks.
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