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Great Dane puppy scam? Only 4lbs!

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  • Great Dane puppy scam? Only 4lbs!

    Hey all.
    Yesterday we came across two Great Dane puppies in a weird situation. Anyways, we ended up taking one home and love him dearly.

    The owner seemed very shady. Without going into too much detail, by the time we left, I didnít believe anything he was saying.

    The pup is 6 weeks old and 3 days.
    (Iím aware we have him early, the owner claimed something tragic happened to the mother.)

    he only weighs 4 pounds at this point though. Iíve seen they should be about 10 pounds and growing fast by this point? Itís got me a bit worried heís not even half Dane.

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    First..yes it was too early and even if mom was not in the picture or not feeding any longer they still need to stay with their breeder until they are 8 weeks old... in some places it is against the law to rehome, sell, but or adopt any puppy under 8 weeks... 4 pounds at 6.5 weeks of age is quite questionable.. That is more the weight of a 3-4 week old pup and even then on the small side... It is highly unlikely that the pup is a Dane even partly... Also hope you did not pay more than a very nominal fee ($50 -$75) for this buying from an irresponsible breeder you only encourage them to continue breeding to the determent of a breed, over breeding of mom, producing unhealthy pups often with unstable temperaments as well, and encouraging shady practices..
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      couldn't agree more! and this is the second post in recent days about a 4# puppy!!! wth is going on?